Shut Down Inhumane Puppy Mill

Target: Todd Wood, Pulaski County Sheriff

Goal: Close a puppy mill which continues to keep dogs under inhumane conditions, despite the owner being charged with animal cruelty.

A puppy mill in Nancy, Kentucky has been allowed to continue operating despite the fact that the owner has been charged with animal cruelty. The reason for this injustice is a lack of resources that speaks to a much larger animal welfare issue which impacts the country as a whole. Regardless of the politics behind it, the dogs at this kennel should not be resigned to a life of abuse, and this puppy mill must be closed immediately.

The Humane Society of the United States used hidden cameras to uncover the horrid conditions ad Dennis Bradley’s Dream Catcher Kennels. At the time the video was taken he had 58 dogs on his property, nearly a dozen fewer than eight weeks old. All of the dogs were in small rusty cages that were covered in mud, feces, and dead mice. A litter of puppies was crammed into one of the cages with their mother. Many of the dogs had wet, matted, fur and were shivering, trying to keep warm by laying on top of each other.

Earlier this year, Bradley’s home was raided by the local Sheriff’s department, who found many of his dogs near death. Two of them were in such bad condition they had to be euthanized. Bradley has since been charged with animal cruelty, but the county has done nothing to close Dream Catcher Kennels. This is because doing so would cost shelters up to $70,000 in shelter, food, and medical expenses. In cases as significant as this, larger animal rights groups usually step in and foot the bill, but so far no one has volunteered.

Sadly, investigators decided that they did not have the resources to shut down the operation, and instead could only remove the dogs that were in the worst condition and ask animal control to ensure that Bradley takes better care of his dogs in the future. This, however, is simply unacceptable. A known animal abuser should never, under any circumstances, be left to put hundreds of other dogs at risk in the future.

Please sign the petition below and demand that Pulaski County do what is necessary to protect the lives of these animals. Their welfare should not come with a price tag.


Dear Sheriff Wood,

Earlier this year you arrested Dennis Bradley, owner of Dream Catcher Kennels, who was eventually charged with animal cruelty. Despite the horrible circumstances his dogs were living in, Dream Catcher Kennels is still in operation simply because no one wants to pay for the rescue and care of the dogs. This is absolutely unacceptable. A convicted drug dealer would not be allowed to continue doing business after being convicted, nor would a pedophile be allowed near children. So why is it that these dogs, and hundreds in the future, should spend their lives suffering?

I demand that you close Dream Catcher Kennels immediately, and seek the aid of shelters and volunteers across the country to help take these animals away from such a terrible existence and keep Dennis Bradley from breeding dogs again. Puppy mills are cruel, unnecessary, and cost the citizens who adopt from them thousands of dollars each year in medical expenses for their dogs. Please end the cruelty now.


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Photo Credit: tcsails via Flickr

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  1. Eileen goodman says:

    ALL puppy mills should be shut down! They are cruel factories for turning out puppies, while shelters and rescues are always full! Enough of this inhumanity.

  2. Barbara Chichester says:

    I don’t know why this person is allowed to practice torturing animals. That’s against the law and he should
    be locked up. I have sent this to PETA who investigates
    thorougly abuse against animals.


  4. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    I pray for all this innocent dogs. Please save them they deserve to live in a loving forever home. All puppy mill should be closed.

  5. If no one wants to rescue and care for these suffering animals – please put them out of their misery. Death would be better these horrific conditions.

  6. Fine him for the amount it would cost to care for these poor dogs. If he can’t pay, sell him up & use the proceeds to go towards the care of the rescued dogs.

  7. A rescue needs to step in and get these dogs out of this horrible place

  8. Alicejean Boness says:

    No animal should ever be abused. All animals need to be free.

  9. Shut down all puppy mills!!!!!!
    He has been named and shamed, now do something about it!!!!! Shut him down!!!!

  10. Stop smacking this despotic dog torturer with a limp feather and put him out of business, lock him up and chuck the key in the local river where it can’t be found. The people who make the laws have to get a backbone and arrest him, they arrest and lock up lots of other poor folk who do far, far less and have never tortured any animals or murdered anyone.

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