Witnesses to Animal Abuse Must Report It Immediately


Target: Jon Gislason, Head of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority

Goal: Require future witnesses of animal abuse in Iceland to report incidents immediately.

A shepherd reportedly kicked and stepped on the throat of an exhausted lamb he was attempting to herd across the street with the other sheep. There were numerous witnesses to this violence, yet nobody reported it. Another lamb, paralyzed, was put down later that day and it is possible this was in fact the same lamb that was kicked and stepped on. Whether or not the two lambs were one and the same, one lamb abused so horribly is still one too many. The suspected shepherd was thankfully denied pay for his work that day. There are videos and photos of the incident.

When someone witnesses abuse of any kind, the right thing to do is to step forward. Animal cruelty runs rampant throughout the world, from people who mistreat and starve their pets to strays being shot and kicked to the ongoing problem of factory farms.

The witnesses, however, should have been required to step forward and report this the instant it happened. Not reporting abuse is only letting it happen again; there is no word on whether the shepherd will face justice for his actions. The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority has encouraged the witnesses for this particular event to come forward, and in the future, all witnesses to such acts should be required to report them immediately. Sign this petition to demand they implement this requirement.


Dear Mr. Gislason,

Several people witnessed a lamb being brutally beaten and possibly killed recently. Videos and photos of the incident exist. However, these people did not report the incident as it happened and have yet to come forward.

Too many animals in this day and age are abused and mistreated. It is nowhere near enough for people to stand by in shock; it needs to be reported in order to save the lives of the survivors and find justice for the unlucky ones killed by this abuse. It is just important that the abusers be punished for their misdeeds.

Please encourage all people to come forward right away the next time they witness an animal being abused. The people who watched that lamb be kicked and stepped on may have been afraid to speak up, but that should not be. Please implement a law stating that abuse must be reported instantly.


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Photo Credit: Petr Kratochvil

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  1. Si las leyes son efectivas, se eleva el nivel de consciencia en las sociedades, de esta forma lograremos disminuir el nivel de crimen y violencia para las nuevas sociedades. No podemos seguir tolerando estos abusos sin sentido de gente frustrada y enferma. Los animales tienen que ser protegidos de inmediato!!!

  2. EVERYBODY witnessing any kind ofanimal abuse has the responsibility to repofrt it It can’t and mustn’t go unpunished

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    Animal abuse must be reported immediately and their abusers and torturers brought to Justice and jailed for there sadism and evilness. Better still put these animal abusers and torturers to death by the same abuse and torturous cruelty they committed against their defenceless and innocent victims.
    Eradicate the animal torturing monsters from this Planet.

  4. Caroline Dinnage says:

    I cannot believe that anyone can do something like this to a defenceless little lamb!! what an evil person he must be. I would worry for the rest of his flock… as for people who can stand by and watch this I am shocked and disgusted by them I think I would probably have slapped him and rescued the poor creature…maybe this lack of caring and apathy speaks volumes about Icelandic people……

  5. It is the law if you see human abuse to someone you must report it or you are charged for failure to report it and this should be applied for animal abuse also. WE ARE NOW IN THE MODERN ERA AND ANIMAL ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!

  6. Jette Guyette says:

    The bigger problem as I see it the law is only good if it is enforced. Laws for animal abusers need to be national, Severe and harsh punishments must be enforced. Judges need to be educated.

  7. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:


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