Boycott Kerala for mass dog culling

Target: Prime Minister of India ( Shri Narendra Modi ) , Chief Minister of Kerala (Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan) , Environment Minister of India (Mr. Anil Madhav Dave),

A plea from the rest of the sane country to every humane person on this planet.

India has a great non violent history and culture that taught the rest of the world to respect all life including animals. Whenever the world hears about India they get one name on their mind , Mahatma Gandhi. However his own teachings and philosophy were actually taken from many other great Indians who were born 1000s of years before him like the great Buddha or Mahavira who all preached love & care of the helpless.

Today we are facing a very sad situation where one state in India called Kerala not only openly flouts the law of the land by hurting animals but has also forgotten its moral responsibility to take care of the speechless creatures.

They advertise themselves as God’s Own Country while perpetrating every kind of abuse they can on animals . They torture elephants in temples

They torture cows and bulls in Kerala for a profit

As if this was not bad enough, even when the law only permits sterilising and reducing population of stray dogs all over India , the people of Kerala go on mass culling of the poor dogs while there are so many other better ways of handling their population.

First of all no other state in the country does this. Secondly it is the fault of Kerala itself that the population of stray dogs have increased so much and also become aggressive because:

1) Unlike other states Kerala did not sterilise the stray population or follow ABC protocols
2) They do not feed stray dogs and are generally hostile towards them leading them to become hostile towards humans

While the rest of the country takes in Humane sterilization policies–in-jamshedpur-sterilised.html

This list can go on .

From a sane human being who cannot support mindless killing of animals when there is a humane solution to this to all other humane people of the world I implore you to boycott kerala.

Kerala has been boycotted before and every time it happens they temporarily halt their mindless killings just to restart it again as soon as everything calms down.

Supreme court of India itself has mentioned that mindless dog culling is illegal and immoral and it wants to find the most humane way of controlling dog population which DOES NOT include mass culling in anyway.

I request everyone to visit India and all its wonderful charms but to boycott the state of Kerala till its people and its govt. do NOT follow the laws of India with spirit and letter.

Please sign this petition and promise yourself that you will enjoy the beautiful country of India but give the state of Kerala a miss till they change their ways.

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  1. i will NOT be going to your country are animal killers !!

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