Praise Vigil for Tortured Puppy

Target: Charlene Arsenault of Pet Rock Fest

Goal: Praise Massachusetts town for holding a vigil in honor of a puppy who was severely tortured

The town of Northborough, Massachusetts will hold a vigil to honor the life of a puppy who was severely tortured and consequently had to be euthanized. The event will also be used to collect donations for local animal shelters and organizations that raise awareness about animal cruelty. Hundreds of people are expected to attend, and the vigil has already garnered national attention. For raising awareness about animal cruelty and turning a tragic incident into a catalyst for change, the town of Northborough deserves our gratitude.

The vigil is being held for Kiya, a puppy whose story made headlines across the nation under the name “puppy doe.” Kiya was abandoned in a park after being severely tortured. Sadly, because her injuries were so extensive, she had to be euthanized.  Authorities solicited the public to help track down her abuser who now faces 11 counts of animal cruelty.

The vigil is being held as part of an annual event called Pet Rock Fest that promotes kindness toward animals and responsible pet ownership. Initially, organizers expected fewer than 100 citizens to attend but the number is now likely to exceed 300. The Northborough police posted a message on their Facebook page saying, “”Due to the egregious nature of the abuse suffered by Kiya and the attendant public outrage, the event, which police were originally told would draw 40-50 participants, is now anticipated to be far larger than originally indicated, drawing several hundred participants at a minimum.” The response on Pet Rock Fest’s Facebook page indicates that the number will easily exceed 300.

State legislators and animal welfare groups will also be in attendance, including State Senator Michael Moore and animal rights lawyer Heidi Webber. A local church, as part of their outreach program, will collect food and supplies for animal shelters.

No animal should be subject to torture. Please take a moment to sign the petition below to thank Northborough and Pet Rock Fest for raising awareness about animal cruelty and showing how much people do care about the welfare of pets and other animals.


Dear Charlene Arsenault,

As part of Pet Rock Fest, Northborough will be holding a vigil in honor of Kiya, the pit bull puppy who was severely tortured and consequently euthanized. The event has already garnered national attention and several hundred people are expected to attend. It will likely be the most attended event honoring the life of a single animal.

Thank you so much for not only keeping the tragic story of Kiya in the public eye, but also for raising awareness about animal cruelty. The more legislators can see just how much people truly care about the welfare of animals, even those that aren’t theirs, the more likely it is that they will take animal cruelty seriously.


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Photo Credit: Submission via Facebook

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  1. renee jeanine ragno says:

    His/her/their punishment when caught is to be subjected to the same treatement they gave this baby, a puppy helpless, defenseless, innocent crying in fear and pain. Let them die as the puppy did.

    Its time, past time, that this no longer be allowed and that severe consquences are given to those who do things like this. They deserve no less, no more. The world’s a better place w/o them.

    If the courts won’t, than the people will, as its time for justice to be done again.

  2. Cecily Colloby. says:

    Whatever “punishment” this piece of evil scum gets will be nowhere near enough.I am sure, however, that God has a very special punishment for those who harm His innoccent creatures and there will be no escape from that. R.I.P Puppy Doe.

  3. Jeff Broderick says:

    Good for you, Northborough. I wish you all the best with this cause. Thank you.

  4. This horrible savage is not a human being! He is a despotic terror who has probably done this before animal killers and torturers usually have a yard full of dead animals and when they get tired of that they move on to human victims. So this useless savage should be kept in a dark cage with no company and then the jail wardens must lose the key and let him sit there and contemplate what he did. He should be fed just enough to keep him alive for a good while because the longer he is in his dark cell the better. He must suffer killing him is too easy of a punishment. Despicable!
    “We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.”~ William Ralph Inge

  5. Trudy Nickols says:


  6. OMG………….this guy is a MONSTER! They need to jail him, fine him, make him do community service and then get him psychiatric help as he is one sick evil buzzard.
    This monster must be stopped as studies prove that animal abusers move on to torture, abuse and kill humans. They must be stopped and we must stand together to do that. Let’s make sure that justice is served and that PUPPY DOE DID NOT DIE IN VAIN! Severe strict laws must be made and MUST BE ENFORCED!

  7. As much as it is lovely that a town is holding a vigil, there is a sick sadistic killer somewhere in that town!!!!! Bring them to justice!!!! RIP Puppy Doe and my heart goes out to you at the way you were treated in your short life time. Noone should ever have to endure that in any life form! 🙁 🙁

  8. E’ una storia che ha dell’incredibile:non posso credere che possa accadere una cosa del genere…con l’aggravante che si tratti di un cucciolo…appena leggo la sua storia e la sua foto…scoppio a piangere…povera cucciola indifesa….spero solo che giustizia sia fatta e che queste cose non accadano mai più…in nessuna parte del mondo….

  9. Carolyn Burgin says:


    You might not realize it, but you are very much loved and missed all around the world. Sorry, we failed you by not getting to you in time, and stopping the monster that hurt you so bad you wound up dieing. You never got the chance on earth to experience what true love from humans really is like, but know that you are in heaven you get to experience all the love and kindness that you missed here on earth. Videos of you brought tears to my eyes, and tugged at my heart. I wish I could have held you while you were alive, and give you hugs and kisses, and tell you how sorry I am you were hurt by a human, and how sorry I am you went to 4 different homes instead of being with a family that would love you, and appreciate you, and call you family. You will be missed, and you are being missed all around the world. Hugs and kisses Kiya the world is protecting and helping as many abused animals as they can in memory of you Kiya. Know the United States government needs to help protect abused animals in memory of you, and so far Texas is failing you, and I am truly sorry for that. No, animal should go through what you went through. Animals should be able to enjoy life for the rest of their lives with loving and caring families, because you all are a big part of that family. RIP Kiya, and until we meet you at the Rainbow bridge. Hugs and kisses.

  10. Hope they catch that asshole!!

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