Ban Brutal Sport of Cockfighting


Target: Alejandro Garcia Padilla, Governor of Puerto Rico

Goal: Outlaw the brutal sport of cockfighting in Puerto Rico

Although cockfighting is illegal in all 50 States, this cruel animal sport is still legal in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. Subjected to horrific abuse, gamecocks risk mutilation and death every time they are forced to enter the ring. Demand the Puerto Rican government ban this excessive continuance of animal cruelty.

Because of its inhumane brutality, cockfighting has been outlawed in all 50 states. It is even illegal to watch a cockfighting event in over 40 states. As a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico has refused to ban cockfighting because of blind traditionalism. Instead of acknowledging the pervasive animal cruelty, Puerto Ricans place bets on which roosters will live and which ones will die.

In nature, roosters sometimes fight each other over territory or a mate, but these fights usually don’t involve serious injury. In the sport of cockfighting, roosters are taught to kill for entertainment through breeding programs, steroids, vitamins, and months of vigorous training. The roosters are forced to run long obstacle courses and treadmills to strengthen their muscles.

Before a fight, the breeder plucks most of the rooster’s feathers and cuts off its wattles. The wattles are the fleshy red part below the beak and are removed so its opponent can’t rip them off during the fight. The gamecocks repeatedly peck each other with their beaks and kick with sharpened spurs attached to their talons. Children are allowed to attend cockfighting events and sometimes hold their birthday parties inside the bloodstained arena.

By signing the petition below you will urge the Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, to outlaw the inhumane sport of cockfighting.


Dear Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla,

Cockfighting is a barbaric sport with no purpose other than enabling sadists and gambling addicts. You cannot defend repeated acts of animal cruelty by hiding behind traditionalism. Human entertainment is no longer dependent upon forcing two animals to slaughter each other. The government of Puerto Rico needs to ban cockfighting to protect these animals from further acts of cruelty.

If dog fighting is illegal, then why would your government continue to endorse cockfighting? Forcing animals to murder each other for entertainment is abhorrent and inhumane, no matter what species they are. Take a stand against animal brutality and shut down your cockfighting arenas.


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Photo credit: Amshudhagar via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. caryl sawyer says:

    Perhaps there is a reason Puerto Rico is not a state. Easier to just be supported by US taxpayers, continuing their ignorant practices.

  2. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Is there something wrong with the educational system of Puerto Rico? Because this low-brow cruelty only entertains the ignorant.

  3. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    This is yet another brutal facet of cruelty committed against the Animal Kingdom. I will never be able to comprehend how anyone in their right mind could view this as entertainment. Heartbreaking…

    • Kathy.
      At least you are being honest. Cockfighting is probably one of the many things you cannot comprehend. But does ignorance grant you authority to control other people’s lives? It is pointless to try to make someone understand this issue unless you know someone personally involved. But try to learn a little about someone else’s culture before you destroy it. Cockfighting has been around thousands of years before you were born.

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