Tell Facebook to Delete Page that Encourages Dog Abuse


Target: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and staff

Goal: Remove the hateful anti-dog page “Dogs Suck” from Facebook

Facebook is home to many pages that encourage animal abuse. When one page is successfully removed thanks to protests from the community, another will take its place almost immediately. A page called “Dogs Suck” has recently been gaining attention due to its hateful and abusive content. Its purpose is to degrade dogs and dog lovers, and there are numerous posts that promote and encourage dog abuse, mistreatment, and negligence. It also celebrates the death of all dogs, especially pit bulls, while praising their abusers and killers, who the page owner labels as “Hero Alert.”

So far, “Dogs Suck” has posted a number of graphic photos of dogs being cruelly mistreated in ways such as being dragged, trapped, hanged, and thrown around. One example of a sickening photo is an image of a deceased dog in a garbage bag with the comment “Trash day!” written in the description. There are also cartoons and other photoshopped images that use dark humor to make light of dogs’ deaths and get a laugh out of other sick people who enjoy animal abuse. Such cartoons include dogs being beaten and even one of what appears to be a pit bull with a knife embedded in its face.

Although the Facebook community has reported the page and its photos, Facebook staff has yet again found nothing wrong, which is preposterous since the page clearly violates the site’s community guidelines that supposedly do not tolerate hate speech and graphic images.

Urge Facebook to stop allowing disgusting, hateful pages like “Dogs Suck” from staying active on the site by signing this petition.


Dear Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook staff,

“Dogs Suck” is a disturbing page that promotes violence and abuse towards dogs, which goes against your community guidelines. Any form of abuse should be banned from the site whether it is against humans or animals. Since you and your staff already deleted a similar anti-dog page for the same reasons, “Dogs Suck” should be no exception. Remove this page. Animal abuse should never be overlooked, tolerated, or promoted anywhere, especially not on such a big social media platform like Facebook.

You and your staff need to enforce your guidelines by swiftly deleting this page and any subsequent pages like this one in the future.


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Photo credit: miggslives via Flickr

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  1. I reported this same fb page to Facebook for the horrible pictures they put on their page. The person/people that run this page needs to be investigated & charged with animal cruelty, which is a felon. Facebook sent me a response saying that the page would not be removed because they didn’t see anything wrong. How absurd! I am outraged that they didn’t do anything about this. This page needs to be removed!

  2. Wendy waller says:

    It is appalling that you have made people take pictures of their dying children down because someone is offended by tubes in their noses and yet you allow entire pages devoted to torture and killing of animals or dogfighting or just hate against animals. Animal cruelty is a crime and a sign of a sick and deviant nature. Stop allowing it on Facebook.

  3. Lynne Hartley says:

    I am beginning to think I was happier not having Facebook. Just getting on with my book instead. You know why. Because I see nothing but you promoting CRUELTY

  4. mona danielson says:

    This is beyond comprehension. You take complaints about words that offend someone and take a site down or ban a person for speaking their mind. But this kind of horrific site you allow to stay up. Dogs love, they bond, they even dream and have feelings. The feel pain with no voice and they are lucky just to be fed and you allow this. Shame shame shame on you Facebook!!!! Take this site down immediately and you should be monitoring this stuff. Thanks to the public you are very rich you can afford for someone to monitor these horrible posts. and websites.

  5. Facebook stand up and be accountable for once

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