Justice For Dog Locked Inside Hot Car Until She Died

Target: Madison County Sheriff Phillip Morgan

Goal: Justice for police dog who died after being left in a hot car.

A police dog in Arkansas died when she was reportedly left in a hot car by her handler. Madison County Sheriff Phillip Morgan called it a “bad accident,” and just recently it was reported that the dog’s handler will not face any charges or punishment for his actions.

The dog’s handler, a police deputy, may not have intended to leave the dog to die, but he still committed an act of animal abuse, even if accidentally. For decades, owners and handlers have been warned not to leave their pets in hot cars; in at least 16 states this is a criminal offense. Keeping an animal locked in a hot car is one of the quickest ways to kill them. Even if it is an accident, it is still an act of criminal neglect.

The deputy reportedly made a mistake, but it was a mistake that cost an innocent dog her life. This cannot stand. The deputy needs to be properly punished for the alleged recklessness, not only to ensure that they will never repeat this mistake but to provide an example for other officers and dog owners. Sign this petition to demand this reckless deputy face justice.


Dear Sheriff Morgan,

A deputy under your employ allegedly cost a dog her life when he left her in a hot car, and will reportedly walk away without facing any charges of animal cruelty. Even if this was an accident, it was an accident that led to the death of an innocent animal. Accidental animal neglect is still neglect.

Please do not let the dog’s handler walk away from this with no recourse. Please charge the officer with neglect and accidental cruelty and enforce stronger rules about the proper care of future police dogs. Animals have as much right to live as humans–they should not simply be left behind to their death just because their handler got too busy. This dog’s death need not be in vain.


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Photo credit: Michael Pereckas

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  1. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This is an obscenity there can not be anyone in the world that now doesn’t know that animals die being locked in cars. Being thick, backward, sub-human is now no excuse. This officer should be sacked for animal abuse and never ever be allowed near another animal again. To abuse a fellow officer, one taught to protect you and perhaps save your life is beyond criminal it is MURDER. And as such this so called human, so called officer of the law should be made suffer and have a punishment fitting the crime of MURDERING a fellow officer.

  2. Todd Fletcher says:

    Throw this dumb ass in a hot car, these Turds will learn!

  3. Why are police officers excused from harsh punishment when they commit a crime? How did you know that this irresponsible and cruel ass did not deliberately leave the poor dog in the hot car to suffer and die? Is he NOT MORE THAN BEING AWARE of the dire consequences after years of briefings? Yet he did it WHY? BECAUSE he knows that he is a COP & COPS HAVE SPECIAL PRIVILEGES …that is exactly what Madison County Sheriff Phillip Morgan is trying to tell the public. Clearly a case of abuse of power and disrespect for innocent lives. Why have laws in place when you DO NOT ENFORCE IT? His act was neither NEGLECT or ACCIDENTAL. Please pursue and have the murderer dismissed from the force and never be allowed to own or handle any animal in future forever.

  4. michelle taylor says:

    Another filthbag yank oinker pig cop.They have the worst global reputation.This POS needs to have the death peanalty implemented.It would be fabulous to hear of this bastards death!!!! I would conduct a massive celebratory party!!




  7. Cynthia Pisarcik says:

    I do not believe this was accidental!!! this guy needs to pay for this crime!!! this innocent animal died because of his neglect.
    He needs to be punished and never ever be allowed to have another animal if he is this stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    make him serve jail time!

  8. He is not above the law!!! If he would left there a child or any human he would be sentenced!!! So why dogs cruel death is any different?! Where is your morality?!!!Where is the justice?!!

  9. Louise Hawkins says:

    Needs to punished just like any other citizen. He killed his partner, a K9 Officer. Should not be able to ever own any animals ever again! Fire his sorry ass! No excuses!

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