Stop Killing Wolves in Minnesota

Target: Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

Goal: Stop hunting wolves for sport in Minnesota

The 2013 wolf hunting season in Minnesota has commenced, and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has allowed wolves to be hunted for the second time since they were removed from the endangered species list just last year. Already, a survey shows that the Minnesota wolf population has dropped by more than 700 animals since 2008. This is a persistent problem, and the wolf hunts must stop immediately. Urge Governor Mark Dayton to oppose wolf hunting in 2014 and work to end this practice for good.

In the past, Gov. Dayton has defended the hunt and claimed that only the Legislature has the power to enact change. But Gov. Dayton believes that state officials actually have the power to control wolf populations, which is untrue as wolves regulate their own populations without human intervention. In addition, the vast majority of Minnesotans oppose hunting and trapping of wolves not because it is cruel, but because it is unnecessary. Now that the 2013 hunting season has begun, opponents of the hunt are outraged and are striving to inform citizens about the barbarity of harming already low wolf populations. Gov. Dayton should be among those who spread the truth about this unnecessary practice.

At one time, wolf populations numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and now, only a few thousand remain.

Still, some argue that wolves are a nuisance to their cattle, their pets, and even their small children. These people forget that humans encroached on wolf territory, not the other way around. Humans, who built homes on top of natural wolf habitat, will undoubtedly have to deal with their actions, but they do not suffer the way wolves have suffered at the hands of humans. Non-lethal management plans continue to be viable options, and many organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States, still believe that hunting will not be necessary in the future as long as society values these animals enough to work toward their conservation. At present, they are not valued by those who have the influence to stop the hunts.

Urge Gov. Dayton to value Minnesota’s dwindling wolf population, and speak out against hunting in the future. It may be too late to save these wolves from harm in 2013, but with the efforts of many, the 2014 wolf hunting season can be eliminated.


Dear Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton,

Now that the 2013 hunting season has commenced, and more wolves will be killed for unnecessary sport, I urge you to take immediate action and speak out against next year’s hunt. In the past, you have claimed that nothing you do will result in change, as the Legislature is the only body capable of doing anything significant, but I believe that your opposition to the hunt can have great influence. Many people are still unaware that Minnesota’s wolf populations have decreased by 700 since 2008, and they do not understand that continuing to hunt wolves could be catastrophic for the ecosystem. Your support matters.

It is public knowledge that the legislation that authorized the hunt last year did not reflect the desire of most Minnesota residents. It is important that you stand with the majority who hope to see this hunt suspended in the future. While there is no one person who can end this brutal practice, you can help our wildlife by supporting non-lethal conservation efforts, and by speaking out against wolf hunting and trapping for sport. Please side with the many Minnesotans who vehemently oppose this practice and hope to see it ended in the near future. It can be done.


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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Cmdr. Humphrey M. Dimitrov says:

    Wolves are to be protected.

    They have given us so much. Wolves gave us dogs and we need to respect that. They gave us thousands of years of happiness with our dogs. Dogs are descendants of the wolf and are loving, kind, and friendly. We owe them so much and I believe that they should be granted the utmost respect.

    They can offer you love and a wonderful family if you just gave them the chance and take the proper steps. They have so much more to offer. Save our wolves.

    For those who are still wondering why to help our wolves.

    Wolves at least offer you something and some interest. They are beautiful creatures just as important as any other.

    Even more so.
    They keep our forests from being eaten up. Deer, Elk, and Moose and other plant eaters all eat up that beauty. Wolves keep the perfect balance in the animal kingdom.

    Wolves are in the top 5 of the most beautiful creatures out there.

    They can be friendly. There have been incidences where people have run into a wolf pack and instead of being attacked, they were greeted with nuzzling, licking and playfulness. 🙂

    Here are links to prove it:

  2. It is a terrible endictment on human kind that some of our species are always too ready to kill anything that looks like a wolf or moves like one, plus any other living being in fur or their own kind as well. Why this murderous urge to eradicate the wolf? Wolves are a part of the environment and to have a healthy environment you need a diversity of animals that have always been part of the landscape and lets face it wolves were their long before white man invaded and the Native Americans never had any trouble with them, they worshiped them. I will never understand why it is that a percentage of the human race are blood thirsty savages that enjoy inflicting pain on other sentient beings just because they can. Absolutely ludicrous.

  3. Who gives people the right to hunt wolves or any animals for that matter??????
    Why don’t humans host a human hunt season then???? EXACTLY!! Same concept – still killing…….. but that would be a big no no! Animals are no different and are living, breathing creatures! BAN HUNTING SEASONS FOR ALL BREATHING/LIVING CREATURES!!!!!!!!! Actually BAN ANIMAL ABUSE/KILLING ALTOGETHER!!!!!!!

  4. Michael Guest says:

    This is cruel and unscientific. Too many have hunted and that must stop. I insist that the wolves stay protected everywhere. This is urgent. Take action now.

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