Chastise Kennel Owner for Shocking Abuse

Target: Allan Smurthwaite

Goal: Reprimand Allan Smurthwaite for extreme neglect of kennel dogs.

New Zealand is one of the few places where animal welfare is a primary concern. The Animal Welfare Code protects countless animals from abuse, mistreatment and neglect. Kennel owner and farmer Allan Smurthwaite performed a direct violation of the Welfare Code when he kept nine dogs confined in kennels that were littered with feces and fleas.

Smurthwaite, 66, who lives in South Auckland, was reported to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and upon visiting his property inspectors uncovered a shocking scene. Emaciated, infected and in obvious distress, nine pups were discovered chained and forced into cages that were too small. Inspectors concluded that the dogs hadn’t been fed for weeks, nor had they ever visited a veterinary clinic for immunizations and general care. What’s worse is the horrifying story of a pup named Putt Putt. After sustaining a painful injury to her left hind foot, due possibly to her poor living condition in a cramped cage, Putt Putt was so miserable that she chewed off her own foot. Raw flesh and bone protruding from the stump, Putt Putt was rushed to an area vet where the hind leg was amputated.

Executive director of the SPCA, Bob Kerridge, expressed his concern in a statement announcing:

“The kennels clearly fell well below the minimum standards set out in the Animal Welfare Code. All the dogs were put at risk of damage to their respiration and gastrointestinal systems due to the fecal, algal, and bacterial hazards in the kennels where they were confined for long periods of time…this is a case of neglect, pure and simple.

Smurthwaite was convicted back in 2007 of five charges of ill-treating animals, but he was simply dished out an affordable fine and continued his inhumane treatment with the creation of this unsanitary and inhumane kennel. By signing this petition you’ll reprimand Smurthwaite for his obvious ignorance and act of extreme neglect, and encourage stronger sentences to be imposed on those with a history of animal abuse.


Dear Allan Smurthwaite,

Although your homeland of New Zealand is known for its Animal Welfare Code, your apathetic attitude towards the Code and act of shocking abuse are reason for reproach. You should be ashamed of yourself for being the proprietor of a kennel that chained its pups to cages that were cramped, disease riddled and unsanitary. What’s more is the terrible abuse endured by innocent Putt Putt, whose traumatic foot injury caused her to chew off her own limb because you ignored her obvious distress.

Now Putt Putt is permanently limited in her mobility, and the other dogs you exposed to such cruel treatment will forever be scarred by their serious injuries. Suffering like this should never be felt by any human being or animal, and I hope the court systems of New Zealand and beyond realize that people like you are incapable of feeling empathy and should never be allowed in the presence of innocent animals.


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Photo Credit: supafine via morguefile

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  1. We all belong to Jesus and there will come a time when you will experience everything that you do to others! I pray for your soul.

  2. Sheila Jefferson says:

    You will reap what YOU sow!

  3. sheila squires says:

    we owe the animals our profoundest apologies. defenseless and unable to retaliate they have suffered immense agonies under our domination that most of us have never witnessed or acknowledged.
    Now, knowing better, we can act better, we can live better and give the animals, our children and ourselves true reason for hope and celebration.

  4. Allan Smurthwaite, you are a disgrace to society!!! Named and shamed, I hope karma catches up with you for your horrible actions and mistreatment of innocent lives!
    New Zealand, get your act together!!!
    God bless Putt Putt and the other pups, I pray you are furrever in care now and will be properly looked after and no human will harm you again.

  5. Alan Smurthwaite – you are a disgusting, cruel cretin. How does it feel to know tens of thousands of people all over the world now know what a disgrace to humanity you are. I seriously hope that karma comes back & bites you in the

  6. Michael Guest says:

    This is dumb. No animal should be treated like that. They have no faults. There still needs to be new laws to stop animal cruelty before it happens. Take action now.


  8. Dr Sol Myers says:

    Smurthwaite, Your treatment of animals makes you a useless piece of human garbage. You need to be horse-whipped, then introduced to the guillotine. Problem
    solved. Save the animals & destroy Smurthwaite!

  9. Patricia Wicker says:

    You sick Bastard!!!!!!

  10. renee jeanine ragno says:

    Chastize my butt! Subject him to the same treatement, and never allow him to have anything to do w/animals again. His family and friends should be ashamed of him and have nothing to do with him.

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