Severely Punish President of Animal Rescue Agency for Alleged Animal Cruelty


Target: Louis Ackal, Sheriff of Iberia

Goal: Severely punish president of animal rescue agency after her pit bull was found living in a kennel full of feces.

Robin Menard, the former president of an animal rescue agency, was charged with animal cruelty after a pit bull was reportedly found living in deplorable conditions. The poor dog, named Justice, was locked up in a kennel and standing in mud, urine, and feces that were knee-deep, according to deputies. They also said that Justice didn’t have food or water and was suffering from both heart worms and ring worms. Justice and two other dogs have been seized from the woman’s care, and the agency stated that they’ve cut ties with her.

Justice was “rescued” by this agency several years ago. It’s a shame that this poor animal was rescued only to be locked up and forced to endure even more suffering. There is no excuse for a dog to be found in such conditions when he’s under a “rescue” agency’s care. Please add your name to this petition demanding that this woman be severely punished and banned from owning or working with animals again if she’s found guilty.


Dear Sheriff Ackal,

The former president of an animal rescue agency was charged with animal cruelty when deputies found a pit bull suffering in a kennel full of feces, urine, and mud. The conditions were so terrible that the dog’s feet had become inflamed. Deputies also said that the poor animal was suffering from heart worms and ring worms.

The poor dog, named Justice, had been “rescued” and brought to this place of additional suffering years ago. This is no way for animals to be treated and we urge you to see to it that, if guilty, this woman is punished severely and banned from ever working with or owning animals.


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Photo credit: Gracie Hagen

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  1. DomesticViolenct Destroys All says:

    And fact that this petition, moderates comments is not ethical nor fair sided. If Robin was to lose her little dog, that NOONE else knows how to attend in such a medical expertise and knowing that dog; that dog would not make it. If you care about animals, then do not put her own few pets at risk for euth, not the lil dog that would be sooooo traumatized if removed from Robyn. That lil dog NEEDS his bond to Robyn and knows how to communicate when he is going into a seizure or other emergency critical.mode, that ONLY Robyn knows and has that very years long bond with to communicate. Doing a public petition, then publicly, monitoring comments is not honest, but shady and puts her on trial, BEFORE A TRIAL, And is not legit, but agenda. Why on earth are public comments on a worldwide public petition being moderated? Never saw that on petitions before. This petition misleads the public in its initial write-up, and half the comments do not even know Robin or her history and ate must posting strong ag her, as it’s a emotional trigger to hear animal abuse charges. And if my three comments are not posted, that also give the background that Robin was in a severe, escalating domestic violence for years, by a x that daily distressed her, whined about the animals, pressure her and sabotage her work; then clearly the petitioner is not legit. This is not the too many often, sadistic evil abuse cases; but a lady in severe, escalating domestic violence for years and deleting that very important facts of being a dv victim that just left, the most dangerous times for victims, their animals and kids, and any around to be harmed and milled by the REJECTED, dv unacceptable and purposely misleading the public. Very very dishonest to be moderating public comments on PUBLIC PETITION!!

  2. There are alot of double stands, from a outside look in. These are federal nonprofits. Where were the others on the board, ignoring all this fall? Not involved in rescue, it’s interesting to see that a Courtney is publicly attacking a distressed foster/ adopter vs glad the foster/ adopter loves the dog and is concerned. Why did Courtney or others, GO to the lady’s home and assist? Why, as dog on last days, is Courtney attacking on Facebook, can’t outings vs being a responsible teacher, and sitting up night a d day, 24/7 palliative vamedical home care of the dog? Handfeeding, subqivs, alternative medicines and alternative modalities added and comfort HAVE saved many animals deemed to not make it..Too often, the public, asked for donations by these fed nonprofits see the fed npo laws broken, which INCLUDE bullying anyone, in private or public. This lack of professional. Ones are grouping up against this gal, just like with other rescues when an ISSUE ARISES. This is a big reason why these things occur, as any that speak out, or ask for help that is less experienced is frequently group bullied. It really pushed away donors, and it’s off that all is donated and countered Fosters, yet it’s hundreds to adopt a dog. Where was the WORK for this one dog that just died, as my wife and I; will lay down on a horse stall flpor ALL night if a horse goes colic or sick as that is WHAT is required to save both humans and animals in critical. Instead, a npo lady is arguing horrifically with the foster/ adopter, threatening to keep the dog, vs GLAD the lady DOES love the dog, no matter if not experienced enough. Have a sick dog than go and sit vigil with the dog at the foster adopter home and TEACH THEM, vs drop all that medical responsibility on them. Adhere by fed npo laws and do not bully, stop bully and be 100 percent transparent.If you are a fed npo, ACT like one and adhere to all laws, include no bullying and discrimination. You disagree, then fix it kindly and assist the adopt foster who is not always fully experienced. During these charges, A Courtney on the board, continues these rampages. My wife and I adopt for $50, and no crap. My wife will go tend to her friends pets and horses all night, bring supplies. We are private citizens. I do not trust that mood are cleaning up as do not put their mission first in all circumstances, and attack ones that adopt or foster, versus being there and professionally doing g what the animal needs which is IN PERSON attendance of palliative nurse home care along with the vet, not putting off on ones inexperienced or threatening to take a pet the family loves as in distress. That’s creating conflict and drama and violating federal laws. I can see how if one is in abuse, they would not be able to ask their board for help. It’s like the Clintons on Facebook. Huge turnoff to the public, not the animals, the people.Very disturbing and bizarre.

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