Justice for Hedgehog Allegedly Killed by Cruel Research Experiments


Target: Hugh Warwick, British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Goal: Stop barbaric experiments that reportedly led to the slow, torturous death of a wild hedgehog.

A wild hedgehog is dead after researchers reportedly attached so many trackers to it that it was unable to curl itself into a ball. Animal welfare advocates are furious after the hedgehog was found with 26 plastic sleeves on its spines as well as one radio tracker. The animal was dehydrated, underweight, had broken toes, and was unable to curl up.

Hedgehogs curl up into balls when they are scared or threatened in order to protect themselves from danger. A hedgehog unable to perform this instinctual action would likely experience extreme stress. Not only this, but some say that the tags could have impeded the animal’s ability to find food, water, and shelter.

The hedgehog, now called Russet, was transported to Oxton Wild Hedgehog Rehab. Though staff member Lynda ­Britchford tried to save him, he succumbed to his injuries. According to Britchford, Russet’s poor condition would have been easy to spot if researchers were performing regular checkups on the animals used in their experiments.

This type of cruel experimentation resulted in the death of an innocent animal. In order to ensure that no more animals die this slow and torturous death, researchers must immediately stop these experiments. Sign the petition below to demand that this cruel research is immediately and completely stopped.


Dear Mr. Warwick,

A hedgehog was recently found dehydrated, emaciated, and unable to curl up after having to carry around several trackers placed on it by researchers. Not only would this inability to curl up cause severe stress to the animal, the attachments likely impeded the animal’s ability to drink, eat, and seek shelter. According to staff at the rescue center where the hedgehog eventually died, the scene “looked like someone’s idea of a bad joke.” Rescue staff also said that this death could likely have been avoided if the researchers were monitoring the health of the test subjects.

This cruel experiment has already resulted in the injury and death of one animal, and must be stopped before it takes more lives. We, the undersigned, demand that these barbaric experiments are immediately put to an end.


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Photo credit: Erland

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  1. Kathleen Tanswell says:

    Peoplre who are involved in any animal experients should bre disposed of

    • Many animal experiments truly are to find out more about the species and thus help them…..in this case, its hard to imagine a REAL scientist did this to this helpless animal….see my post below about what they do to the few remaining Florida Panthers.

      • The woman who started this petition is a journalist and not a very good one or she might have got her facts straight. I am no fan of the methods involved in this study but to accuse them of killing the hedgehog when there is no proof whatsoever that this was the cause, when most hedgehog rescues currently have animals in exactly the same state that have never been near a study or a tracker, is slander.

        Add to that the fact that this petition is to a named person who was not involved in the study, then I cry foul.

        I posted this previously, seems our journalist friend deletes comments she doesn’t like.

        • Oh and just in case this one disappears as well, I have taken screenshots of the entire thing and they might just make their way onto Facebook

        • I commented and saw your statements afterwards. Ok, why don’t you give us facts you consider right then… I assumed this petition was being sent to someone who cares for, and protects, hedgehogs. You say you are no fan of the methods involved in this study – what other insights do you have, perhaps you could widen our understanding. You say most hedgehog rescues currently have animals in exactly the same state which have never been near a study or a tracker…broken toes, unable to curl up, dehydrated?? And what about the 26 plastic sleeves on those hedgehog spines and a radio tracker, the tags and paraphernalia possibly interfering with an ability to find water, food and necessary shelter…?? What information do you have that you think could give a larger understanding to this problem…this sad situation. With respect to decision making, and more potential information, people may then form their own conclusions…or go with the gut feeling they have now.
          …Really just asking for the benefit of people coming after me…have already commented.

  2. Rosemary Anderson says:

    What a cruel vile git you are. Stop this obscenity now. You should be thoroughly ashamed to be in the position you are in when you allow these barbaric cruel experiments to be done on these poor helpless creatures. YOU should be charged with cruelty to animals. You are a MONSTER

  3. IF this was done by some scientific experimenter, probably as part of a paper he/ she wanted to see printed in a journal….to help his/ her career along…..it was stupid and thoughtless.

    Here if Florida we have VERY FEW Florida Panthers left….so what do the “scientists” do? CONTINUALLY target them with tranquilizer darts to knock them out, so they can attack collars to “follow” them; knock them out to draw blood as part of a study; they just DON’T leave them alone. It must be SO stressful to a wild animal to be constantly “hunted” by so called well meaning people for yet one more “experiment”. There needs to be a limit!

  4. This is unhumane. The person or persons who did or participated in this experiment are the dregs of society. I hope that Karma will bite you in the ass you egotistical, self-loathing, egocentric, narcissistic, jagoff, scum bag.


  6. Please use humans instead. They have a voice.

  7. This is the saddest thing… Hedgehogs are so passive and gentle and timid. And the author says “Russet” was wild, snatched from the wild and shoved into torture and hell…dehydrated, underweight, broken toes, and unable to curl up. Can anyone imagine how painful broken toes are; poor thing probably broke them trying to curl up. I DID NOT REALIZE hedgehogs were used for “medical research”. Quite frankly, I’m stunned. Is any animal spared??
    Rights advocates say that many of these experiments have very little benefit to human medical care. Russet’s death could likely have been avoided if the researchers were monitoring the health of the test subjects. This institution should be charged on several counts. With the availability of highly specialized simulation software, there is no longer a need to torture innocent animals.

  8. I think people are finally coming to the conclusion that humans who can do things like torturing Russet are not normal, and dangerous, as they take pleasure in the pain and suffering of other living creatures. Maybe even humans.
    85 these POsS whenever and wherever found.

  9. Sylvia Thomas says:

    karma is coming … Ass holes . I pray all researchers dies

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