Punish Dog Daycare Center Employee For Abuse


Target: Kristen Donmoyer, Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement

Goal: Demand dog daycare center worker be punished for his abuse of an animal.

Reed Davis, an employee at the Canine Club daycare center, was fined $200 for one count of animal abuse despite video footage showing him having held down and punched a Saint Bernard. The dog was accused of attacking Davis and being vicious in general, and was reportedly ‘put down’. However, Humane Society officer Robert Fredley begs to differ. He claims to know that the dog was not aggressive in nature, reports that the video showed a clear case of abuse toward a dog who was only trying to play, and is highly dissatisfied that Davis was not punished more severely.

To make matters worse, the dog was reportedly put down for its behavior, accused of attacking other people on three separate occasions. This makes an unfair situation downright unacceptable and appalling, an innocent dog treated as a vicious killer despite the dog being the victim of an attack.

Any employee at an animal care facility who abuses the animals should be punished severely. Sign this petition to demand Davis be punished more severely for his transgressions.


Dear Ms. Donmoyer,

Dog daycare center employee Reed Davis was caught abusing a dog and claimed the dog attacked first. Upon his arrest, he was only dealt a single charge and fined $200. The dog, unfortunately, was reportedly euthanized despite not being guilty of any transgressions, and Davis supposedly continues to work at the daycare center.

This cannot stand. Davis deserves a harsher punishment for his actions, and the dog did not deserve to die for a crime it did not commit. Please demand Davis be taken back to court for a more stern sentence, possibly even ensure that he is forbidden from working with any animals in the future. That dog did not deserve to die in vain.


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  1. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    “First of all, despite people’s quick conclusions about the video, when the dog was jumping up, he was growling and attempting to bite the face of our staff member. The dog was not “trying to play”. The dog continued to growl and bite even when he was on the ground. The other staff members, including those in the video, became afraid of the dog and didn’t try to help.

    “We point out that the dog was not injured in any way.

    “By way of background, this dog was the 6th rescue St Bernard brought to our facility by the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc. and all prior dogs had been fine and without incident.

    “This dog came in after (NAME REMOVED), who represented the Rescue and had arranged prior stays, implored us to take him.

    “Unfortunately, this dog immediately started biting at staff members consistently and on a daily basis. The bites were almost always aimed for the face.

    “Worse yet the dog bit the St. Bernard rescue volunteer who brought him to us on the face and drew blood a few days after he was dropped off. When we realized the nature of the dog, We implored the St. Bernard rescue to take the dog to a trainer but were repeatedly told we would have to wait.

    “The dog was taken by the Rescue at one point to be neutered and was then to go to a foster, however he was returned the same day as he attacked and tried to bite the vet and the vet then refused to treat the dog.

    “In the end, the dog was ‘put down’ by the St. Bernard rescue shortly after he left our facility as he attempted to attack 3 other people on 3 separate occasions.

    “The rescue organization refused to provide us with any background information about the dog both when they brought him in and after they took him away.

    “In speaking with others involved with the rescue we learned that the dog was feral, that he was never in a home and that he was captured while running wild by a dog catcher in Ohio or West Virginia. It is as a result of this situation last year we stopped taking rescue dogs whose history could not be documented and/or who did not come from a family environment.”

  2. Rest in peace Saint Bernard, I hope you did not die in vain. As for the animal abuser Reed Davis…you can go ROT IN HELL for what you did to innocent animals. Please reopen this case and severely punish REED DAVIS for ANIMAL CRUELTY AND BAN HIM FROM WORKING WITH ANIMALS PERMANENTLY!

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