Vet Seen Brutally Abusing Pets Must Lose License

Target: Dr. Larry Caven, President, College of Veterinarians of Ontario

Goal: Don’t allow veterinarian found to have choked and hit pets to continue practicing.

A veterinarian has had his license suspended after being found guilty of repeatedly abusing animals brought into his clinic. Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi was allegedly recorded hitting and choking animals at Skyway Animal Hospital in St. Catharines, Ontario. After his staff recorded this abuse and brought it to the veterinary licensing authority, he was only given a slap on the wrist for his deplorable actions. Not only this, but he will be allowed to reduce his suspension to six months upon completion of a short retraining program.

According to reports, veterinary technicians at the clinic recorded 12 separate videos of Rekhi abusing animals for no reason after taking them out of sight of their owners. After these videos were forwarded to the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, he was found guilty of professional misconduct. He will be made to take a retraining class, pay the college $10,000 in fines, and his practice will be subject to three unannounced inspections over the two year period after he regains his license.

Pet owners trust that veterinarians have the best interest of the animals that they treat at heart. Just as a doctor found to be abusing human patients would have his license revoked, this veterinarian should never be allowed to practice again after being found guilty of this type of shocking abuse. Sign the petition below to denounce this lax punishment and demand that Dr. Rekhi has his license revoked completely.


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  1. Pamela Plambeck says:

    This news needs to be made public and a client disclosure signed at the clinic, prior to anyone leaving their animal in this person’s care. This person’s license needs to be revoked; re-education won’t correct, “I don’t give a ….”. “

  2. Lindley Barden says:

    I have worked with and for a very talented husband and wife veterinarian team in Pensacola, FL since 1992. I have witnessed over time that they have relaxed staff rules and even AVMA guidelines. They have knowingly supported and endorsed a particular technician who is terrorizing pets (punching scared dogs in the face, breaking the leg of a boarded cat, etc.) This technician has been allowed to do surgeries and difficult procedures that have several times resulted in deaths of the pets. The (husband) veterinarian just told the families that death occasionally occurs in certain procedures.
    The illegal treatments, cruelty, and slack care of surgical and boarded clients by this tech was witnessed by many other workers and even new staff vets. But everyone knew there there would be quick retribution if anyone spoke out.
    After having been with these vets for so long, I privately approached the wife vet about the many examples of cruelty that I HAD WITNESSED from this particular tech, as well as instances of meds not given,etc. by other techs. I told her that I and others were VERY worried about these problems, and that morally I might have to find another veterinarian. Her answer to me, a 23 year client (who had also grown close to their family) was “You’ve got to do what you have to do.”
    I was very involved in helping to establish this practice, recommending them to everyone I knew in rescue and also to personal friends. I never would have imagined 24 years ago that THESE VETS could become so uncaring, and I’m not sure what to say or do about it.

    • I would report them if it was me. They should not be allowed near any animal let alone licensed to do so

    • cori campbell says:

      Whats wrong with you , you became a vet assistant for a reason. ou love animals. You must report him, you are just as guilty if you don’t Shame on you.

    • Cheryl Allen says:

      I don’t know how you considered this husband and wife team so talented by letting their staff and the husband particapt in animal abuse and sub standard care as talented! This so called talented vet (husband ) drinking while operating on animals,living them in the middle of surgeries to go see PTS while the animal is under anthesia with someone who is not qualified to monitor said pt, allow non vetinarian to operate and perform experimental test on animals, keep highly contagious animals ( parvo, distemper, uri,ie ) I’m the same building with food and medical supplies I could go on and on. But I will.say I find it extremely sad you think they are talented. Breaks my heart for all the furbabies that have and still go there .

    • Michaela Stoffels says:

      And you did nothing???!

  3. Sheila Blackwell says:

    This sick SOB excuse for an animal vet should never be allowed to work with animals and not own the poor creature he has at home.
    He is a sick S. O. B. should never be in the presence of animals.
    He should have his licence taken away permanently.
    Protect all animals from this sick excuse for a human being .

  4. Wow, one more time a POS get just slapped on the hand. This has got to stop. He should never be allowed around animals or a license ever again.

  5. I plan to be a vet when I get through college. Before my dog died there were people in the vet office standing around on there phones or on the computer on Facebook… All i could think was “you are here to take care of animals not lollygag on social media.” One day, I hope to have my own vet clinic with super strict rules because if you are going to to be the care taker of an animal they are just “property” They are family. I was charged $548 on Sparks” bill, the Dr. even told me he was going to make it. Then when I went to pick him after he magically died that he had so much stuff wrong with him like a possible dislocated jaw, torn hole in his trachea, hole in his tongue. The whole 2-3 days he was there I bet they didn’t even feed him. They wouldn’t even let me hold his dead body until the bill was paid for. I refuse to be that kind of vet and I strongly suggest petitioning to have surprise inspection and evaluation of not only vets but the staff. Their first priority should be the animals. There is always something to be done and there should never be a minute wasted.

    • Not property.* Sorry frozen fingers filled with rage.

    • Felicia, I’m so sorry about your horrific experience. So sorry for you loss. I have worked in veterinary medicine for 21 years as I’m a licensed veterinary technician. I have worked in several hospitals over the years, all really great hospitals. No practice that I worked at let people be on their phones. They would have been fired. Veterinary medicine is long grueling days. It’s hard work and we love the reward of saving animals and making them more comfortable and happier during their stay. We often sit with dogs or carry them around just to comfort them. Even our receptionist will hold an animal in need on their laps or take them out for an extra walk. There is not too much time to sit around and chit chat. I can’t even imagine time to be on social media. We love animals deeply. I would never work in a practice where someone was hitting or abusing an animal. I also would work at a place that doesn’t do some Good Samaritan work and give services free to animals in need. Stay true to yourself and always be kind to animals. You will soon find out that in a good thriving practice you are too busy to sit around. An 8 hour day is usually a 10 hour day. You go home exhausted but with the knowledge you made the day better for the animals you treated and yes sometimes your heart is broken for the ones we couldn’t save but we are ready for the next day hoping it will be better and you can help more animals. There is also a movement towards fear free veterinary practices that go the extra mile and try to make every interaction pleasant for animals even vaccines can be a positive experience. Good luck with your goals!!!

  6. if you let this continue knowing what you do you are as bad as this technician.
    You have obviously kept your mouth shut because of retribution. “your words”. My word “you are a coward”

  7. Cecily Colloby says:

    Lindley Barden, I can’t believe what I have just read that you “don’t know” what to do about these so called vets!!! YOU REPORT THEM!!! YOU NAME THEM!! YOU SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS and make sure no-one else ever takes their beloved pets to these people so they can treat them so appallingly! If you don’t know what to do about it and have done absolutely nothing then you are as bad as they are. Think of the animals you could have protected if you had spoken up ages ago. Stop being feeble and DO SOMETHING!!!!!

  8. Michaela Stoffels says:

    It’s unbelievable that this animal abuser got away with a slap on the wrist. He will be allowed to treat animals again in the future? Where did he get his license anyway? Apparently not in Canada.

  9. When government won’t act to protect animals (or, for that matter, humans) that are abused by medical practitioners, it may become necessary to take matters into our own hands if we really care; (a vet – or doctor – whose hands have suffered a terrible accident, might have a hard time practicing veterinary or human medicine. Just a thought, folks.

  10. this is NO VET and he is NOT here for the sake of your animal … thank God for whistle blowers and people who are not afraid to stand up and shout! This oxygen waste needs to be deported back to whatever foreign country he came from and lose his license forever!

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