SeaWorld Beluga Has Lost All Her Babies and Must be Retired to Sanctuary


Target: Joel Manby, CEO of SeaWorld

Goal: Release Martha, a beluga whale that has lost all her children, to an accredited sanctuary.

Martha is a beluga whale that was stolen from the wild and taken to SeaWorld San Antonio where she has been imprisoned since 1988. Over the years, she has been used in SeaWorld’s cruel and unnatural breeding program. Out of the five calves she has given birth to, four have died and one was taken from her to be shipped around the nation.

Martha’s most recent calf was born in June. Before the calf was on this earth for a single day, her and her mother were on display to the public. The calf was born a month premature and passed away just three weeks after her birth.

It appears that SeaWorld does not care about its animals but only profit. Sign this petition and demand that SeaWorld retire Martha to an accredited sanctuary where she will no longer be forced to breed only to lose another child.


Dear Mr. Manby,

Recently Martha, a beluga whale in SeaWorld San Antonio, gave birth to a calf a month premature. Instead of giving the new mother and baby some peace and quiet, you put them both on display to the public just 12 hours after birth. Then just a short three weeks later, the calf passed away.

This is not the first time this has happened to Martha. Four out of her five babies have died, and the only surviving calf was taken from her to be shipped around the nation for public entertainment. Forcing Martha to breed only to lose every child is unusually cruel and inhumane.

Please consider sending Martha to an accredited sanctuary where she can find the peace and happiness she so desperately needs. Martha has not only been imprisoned for nearly 30 years, but she has suffered more psychologically than we could even imagine. It is time to stop focusing on profit but rather the well-being of these amazing animals.


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Photo credit: Tony Fox

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  1. Angela Rabon says:

    I cannot understand how an organization can be so cruel!! The people who own and operate SeaWorld will answer for their sins against animals.

  2. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Please allow her to be retired to a sanctuary, as soon as possible. These animals don’t belong in fish tanks for people to stare at, nor should they be cruelly forced to perform for your profits. Please do the right thing. The world is watching and waiting.

  3. Ross Kinnecom says:

    So should they also close my local petting zoo?

    • Um…YES! Why don’t you follow THOSE exploited animals’ lives from birth, then for even one lousy month, and see if YOU could easily survive all THEY’RE subjected to? Petting zoos are only for SELFISH, NON-EMPATHETIC morons!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Seaworld, release Martha to an accredited sanctuary where she can find the peace and happiness she truly deserves NOW!

  5. Linda Barnett says:

    To CONSIDER sending this abused creature to an accredited sanctuary does not come into the equation! Martha MUST be rescued and rehomed IMMEDIATELY! The abuse that this innocent beluga has been subjected to is APPALLING and this evil wrongdoing must be put right. There has to be justice for the inhumane treatment Martha has had to tolerate for nearly 30 years. Martha deserves love, care and happiness in a reputable sanctuary away from her miserable existence. Every single creature imprisoned in Sea World San Antonio should be released and this dreadful place shut down for good!

  6. Sea world disgusts me. actually marine world does too. they don’t give a damn about an animal life. they are only concerned about the damn money they make off the poor animals.
    I am shocked that no government can put a stop to this animal abuse…. unless of course they are getting paid off to turn a blind eye!!!

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  8. There’s no “appears” here, but REALITY! Seaworld (or ANY “marine park”) doesn’t give a rat’s ass about their captive prisoners!!! Damn them all, AND their bloody trainers! I hope they all DROWN, in their own blood, the self-serving MONSTERS!!!

  9. Maria Mahyorova says:

    That’s why I boycott Seaworld. The only animal they care about is the golden calf.

  10. For the love of God, STOP abusing Martha, our beluga whale — send Martha to a Sanctuary where she can finally find happiness and comfort along with good health.

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