Don’t Let Police Officer Get Away With Animal Cruelty


Target: Michael Hestrin, Riverside County District Attorney

Goal: Don’t let police officer that was arrested for animal cruelty walk free.

A police officer was reportedly allowed to post bail, and may even escape charges, after he was reportedly arrested on felony animal cruelty charges. However, the officer has yet to be charged. The police department has referred to this case as a personal matter and additional information about the cruelty allegedly committed by 42-year-old Anthony Watkins hasn’t been released. Outlets say that the incident wasn’t even disclosed until reporters inquired about it. The only information that police have revealed is that a criminal and internal investigation is underway. Meanwhile, Watkins is set to appear in court in November.

Too often authority figures commit crimes that get swept under the rug and go unpunished. It appears this case of animal cruelty could be no different. That is why it’s up to us to put the pressure on the authorities to make sure this police officer doesn’t get away with being cruel to animals. Please sign this petition to demand that Anthony Watkins face animal cruelty charges and be fired, if he is found guilty.


Dear Mr. Hestrin,

A police officer was reportedly arrested for animal cruelty and was allowed to post bail only hours after his arrest. According to reports, the officer hasn’t even been charged.

It appears that this case of alleged animal cruelty could go unpunished like too many others. There should be no place for animal abusers within the police department. If this officer is guilty, we demand that he be charged and fired from working in a place of authority.


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Photo credit: Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

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  1. It would be NICE if the petition TOLD US what he did or is accused of doing!

    • Yes I thought that, it’s been pretty reticent about his alleged crime.

      • Nice find on the link, as it appears he has been an avid supporter of animals, if someone wanted to hurt this man, this accusation would be the way to do it, good for all people on here asking for details and not just signing a petition until we know what is what.

        • Margaret Melnick says:

          It sounds like the police are covering up what he has been accused of and I can’t help but wonder why. After all if he really is so helpful to animals why would they not come out and say instead of saying it is an internal matter? When police start doing a cover up I for one start asking why.He has a kind heart the article says, rescued a stolen pug.I think there is a lot more here than meets the eye otherwise why are they not saying what is going on? Paul Bernardo and Carla Homoka were also thought to be great kind people by those who knew them. I bet if you knew the truth many people would not been able to believe they did what they did. Even serial killers are able to cover up their warped personality other wise their would not be any serial killers we would recognize them immediately and remove them from society. Sorry I don’t trust the police investigating themselves. Any charges brought against a police officer should be investigated by an independent body and police from a different police force not their buddies.

  2. This is like the firefighter Nicholas J. LUIS of Santa Clara. He systematically maimed and tortured a 10 month old German Shepherd puppy named Woody to death. He got 3 years in jail NOT prison. The fact that these so called MEN go on with their retirement benefits and paid leave and we are not allowed to know what is going on is outrageous. This country is so screwed up. We the People have NO right to cruelty and torture of a pet. This is sick psychotic behavior that we will all pay for in the long run.
    American people are self important and self entitled.

  3. Wendy Morrison says:

    Police officers should held at a higher standards because of their line of work. Fire this person and put him in prison longErica than all others whom abuse animals!!! Do not let him work with animal, be near animals,and own animals as pets for the pets’own protection!!

  4. michael guest says:

    This was terrible and stupid! Animal cruelty has happened too much. We need stronger laws to stop further abuse and make tougher penalties to those who commit animal cruelty. We can’t let this continue. Find and fire this officer! We can’t let people get away with abuse or cruelty to animals. That’s unacceptable and wrong.

  5. Amar Taggarh says:

    This is why people don’t trust the police. They hide the sins committed by their own and think it’s fine. Time to realize you’re not above the law scumbag.

    • jocelyne guillemette says:

      daccord avec cela prison plus exemple au moind 5a10ans


  6. Catherine Dugan says:

    Just because he’s a cop doesn’t mean he’s exempt, if he breaks the law! He deserves to be fired and put in jail!

  7. ginger neimo says:

    What is it with these people who seem to find enjoyment in hurting animals. This is not NORMAL behavior, and yet another cop doing the opposite of what he is meant to do.


  9. Bernice Gunn says:

    What has happened to this cop

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