Punish “Cat-Hating” Teen Accused of Slamming Defenseless Animal Against Wall

Target: Brigadier Sheikh/Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Commander in Chief of Ajman Police

Goal: Prosecute teenager allegedly filmed throwing a cat against a wall.

An Emirati teenager was caught on camera throwing a cat against a wall which resulted in the animal’s death. The family of the teen who is believed to be shown in the video is demanding prosecution of the person they think posted the video, but the real investigation needs to be into the boy who allegedly killed the cat.

The suspect’s mother has spoken out, expressing her son’s severe hatred toward cats. She said he has told her that when he sees one he wants to hit it. She blames it on a cat the family had when the teenager was younger who her son thought was possessed.

It is possible that the cat was not living in humane conditions and was therefore acting out. Additionally, children abusing animals could be a sign of a greater problem at home. This sort of abuse cannot go unpunished and a full investigation needs to be launched.

Animal abuse cases are punishable by law in Ajman, where this crime took place, via fining the perpetrator Dh20,000 (over $5,000) or placing him in prison for up to a year. Animal welfare workers are trying to promote the importance of investigating these crimes, but it is up to law enforcement to see that justice is served. Demand that police fully investigate and prosecute the teenager who hates cats so much that he may have brutally murdered one.


Dear Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi,

Disturbing footage of a teenager throwing a cat against a wall in Ajman has angered your community and animal rights activists. This level of violence must be investigated and prosecuted to show others that they cannot get away with it. Animal abuse by minors is a huge problem and must be addressed as it could signify abuse at home. Your laws allow you to put the perpetrator behind bars for a year or fine him Dh20,000, and we hope you will seek the maximum penalty.

The suspect’s parents are calling for prosecution of the person they think is responsible for posting the video, but that person was just exposing a crime and should not be punished. We ask that you take a stand and show animal abusers in your city that they will not get away with their crimes. Prosecute the teenage boy accused of murdering the cat.


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  1. The parents want the poster to be prosecuted !?! What convoluted BS is that! No wonder the little MF-er is the way he is. If I ever caught my kid doing this – which he wouldn’t – we wouldn’t be talking about this. He’d be in hospital.

    An aside: According to many hadiths, Mohammad, Peace be upon Him, prohibited the persecution and killing of cats. Muhammad purportedly allowed a cat to give birth on his cloak, and cut off the sleeve of his prayer robe rather than wake his favourite cat, a female named Muezza, who was sleeping on it. It seems Islam picks and chooses what hadiths to follow.

  2. This entitled little creep needs a lesson. As long as mommy makes excuses for his demented behavior he can move on to bigger offenses. What a disgusting excuse for a human. It sounds like this pathetic jerk is the possessed individual…not the cat.

  3. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi – The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth and they deserve our respect and protection. The person who murdered this cat must pay for this crime. Please use your power and influence to prosecute and convict this perpetrator. Every Life matters…

  4. Dedra C. Routh says:

    The family of this troubled teen need to probably watch their backs, this kind of behavior seems to lead, in some cases, to dractic circumstances down the road.

  5. Yvonne LeBris says:

    Now a cat….. and then to bigger prey.

    • Maria Mahyorova says:

      Sure. When there’s no morale the only thing they care about is the risk of prosecution. And there MUST be such a risk.

  6. Yvonne LeBris says:

    Mohammed is NOT happy about this.

  7. Yvonne LeBris says:

    Allah is even more angry.

  8. Respectable and decent societies would NEVER tolerate such behavior !! — We must STOP cruel, abusive & negligent acts against animals — we must STOP irrational, insane, sadistic & merciless behavior by individuals who belong NOWHERE NEAR ANIMALS — his punishment & penalties should be severe — in addition, give this teen a lesson on cats — society MUST teach that irrational & heartless abuse against animals will NOT be accepted — thus, we will have NO REPEATS of such brutal cruelty against animals.

  9. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    Shoots this son of a bitch

  10. Darlene Avery says:

    How sick is this that the murderer’s parents want the person who posted this horrific crime prosecuted? This poor, innocent cat died a horrible death because this vile sociopath wanted to show just what a depraved bully he was. Please prosecute this teen to the full extent of the law. Murder is murder. Great job of raising your son parents!!!!!

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