Target: RSPCA Official Proposal to Start the ball rolling so this can be a top priority as of now for the RSPCA to accomplish,

Today is the day when I stand up and say no more of something because I believe it is a good place to start somewhere. We live in a world where it is okay to consume the flesh from many without remorse for the way in which that flesh got to our plates.
The time is now to end the relentless suffering endured by our fellow companions here upon this planet and now there is a flourish of interest in those we hold most dear to us – mans bestfriend! I feel that the niche food industry is actually a way of life for those who are struggling to feed themselves by other means which is alarm bells for the way in which these individuals might be coping with this type of life i.e. not very well. This suggests a humanitarian action is needed to help
communities to build up a way of life for themselves that ensures all humans on their land get first pick at things before being sent overseas to feed others is a good role in which we could find someone in politics and ask them to help and get involved.
The idea that individuals are kept scared and miserable for so long is about bringing out the flavour is for me all the motivation that I need to ask the world why this is in any way acceptable a way to approach this area of lifestyle when they
could be helped to live self-sustainably from their own land.
The truth is there is far too many dogs and cats being bred and all the while by accident because there owners doesn’t get them spayed and its only natural accidents happen and theres some who do it on purpose without regard for the genuine wellbeing of dogs when all litters instantly compete against thousands of other dogs in less ideal situatuions and its a madness that needs to be brought to an end and I don’t see the RSPCA doing anywhere near enough to challenge the government with laws that need to be brought in to protect and preserve the natural relationships we have with other species. To deny access to any with a mind to cause any kind of cruelty to an individual creature regardless of its origins and general purpose here is to safeguard the future for all natural beings and honour the name that you use.
Therefore I’d like to challenge you to see how effective you really are when it comes to making changes in regards to welfare for the animals and seeking to find genuine solutions that also link you up with other charities so you can be working together on this because this will need input from you and from someone in power and from someone working in
helping developing countries. The time limit is just as soon as possible as this is a pressing matter although a response to this via your media opportunities would be fantastic and why not create a new program about you dealing with it so that you get public interest drawn towards this very pressing subject while its such a huge problem. Even Celebs are trying to stop this and its amazing how they’ve not stopped it yet which shows there is more to this than the dogs really being that tasty, its almost like a kick in the gut for those of us who do honour the dog as what he is and the cat for what she is.
There’s no reason not to try and I’ll be behind you every step of the way, its just many are eager to see an end to this immediately.

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