Harshly Punish Woman Who Allegedly Cut Puppy’s Ears Off


Target: William Smith, Lake Worth Police Chief

Goal: Punish woman who allegedly posed as a veterinarian and cut a puppy’s ears off to the maximum extent.

A woman is accused of pretending to be a veterinarian and cutting a puppy’s ears off. Natalie Nunez, the dog’s owner, claims that after she purchased the pit bull puppy, named King, she was told to visit veterinarian Brandi Seipe. Nunez says that she was told she couldn’t be there during the procedure. She still paid the $80 bill to have her poor puppy’s ears cut, but when King was in pain for several days, she took him to another veterinarian who was horrified at the results. King’s ears had been sewn up with fishing line and the cartilage was visible, the veterinarian said.

The 19-year-old Seipe is accused of being a fake veterinarian and has been charged with animal cruelty and unlicensed veterinarian practice. If convicted, Seipe could face up to five years in jail, but five years isn’t enough to bring this poor puppy justice. This animal is maimed for life and there’s no telling how much physical and psychological damage he’s been forced to endure.

Brutally cutting a puppy’s ears off for no reason is purely sadistic and, if the charges are true, the accused would pose an enormous risk to society. If Seipe is shown to be guilty and only a minor penalty is given, innocent lives will undoubtedly be put in danger by this woman in the future, yet it’s unlikely that she’ll receive a lengthy sentence, if any. There isn’t much justice when it comes to cruelty to animals, which is exactly why so many abusers go on to repeat their crimes.

It’s up to us to protect these voiceless beings. Seipe should receive the maximum sentence possible as well as a lifetime ban from having contact with animals, if guilty. Please sign this petition to demand that the puppy who Seipe allegedly tortured and maimed receives nothing less than that.


Dear Chief Smith,

A puppy’s ears were allegedly cut off by a woman pretending to be a veterinarian. Brandi Siepe allegedly told the puppy’s owner that she couldn’t be present during the procedure, then after cutting the young dog’s ears off she sewed them up with fishing line. According to a veterinarian who saw the puppy after the botched procedure, the cuts were so bad that cartilage was visible.

This was apparently done with purely evil, sadistic intentions. Please don’t ignore the fact that people who commit crimes like these usually go on to harm or kill more innocent creatures. This helpless animal deserves justice for being maimed indefinitely, but unless the dog’s abuser is given the maximum penalty, justice will not be served. We ask that you please see to it that the abuser receives nothing less than the harshest penalty and a lifetime ban from having contact with animals, if guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Lake Worth Police Department

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  1. What gives with these sick vile people who hurt animals and pretend to be vets to inflict harm in the defenceless animals I just do r get it at all seriously I don’t give her a massive punishment maybe take her ears off and see them up with fishing wire ????

  2. Rosemary Anderson says:

    Vile backward bitch she should have her ears cut off. Never allow this sub human to ever own or work with animals again.

  3. Jo Ann Kowalski says:

    Cut her ears off

  4. Catherine Dugan says:

    I am so sick of cruel, inhumane people hurting, setting fire to, and or killing poor defenseless animals! This is so wrong and these so called people need to be put in jail for the rest of they’re lives!
    My motto is: Harm an animal – go to jail!!

  5. WHY did this owner want to cut off her puppy’s ears?? This owner needs to be investigated as well as this dubious “vet”. Suspicious, very suspicious – poor little furbaby needs to be got away from these horrible people’s clutches.

  6. Jacqui Skill says:

    Just as I said about the teen who set the turtle on fire..this woman is a dehumanized sociopath and belongs in jail forever!!

    • So a dogs live is worth more then a human being now? Can’t lock someone up forever because of a practice that’s been done for ages like grow up

  7. Jacqui Skill says:

    The paws need to be changed so that animal torturers and murderers get a life sentence in jail!l

  8. Jacqui Skill says:

    The laws need to be changed so that animal torturers and murderers get a life sentence in jail!

  9. Todd Fletcher says:

    Fuck this dumb ass bitch!

  10. We need a Federal Animal Abuse Registry open to the public and searchable online. This should follow her for the rest of her life.

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