End Japan’s Deadly Whaling


Target: Hiroshi Moriyama, Minister of Japan’s Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

Goal: Stop killing hundreds of whales under the guise of “research.”

In nine months, Japanese whalers have killed 333 minke whales, over 200 of which were pregnant. The Japanese whaling fleet has defended its actions by arguing it kills whales in order to better research them and their populations. The “researchers” argue that they are studying the best ways to “manage” these populations and their food supplies. Killing the whales is, apparently, their best method of “research.”

The United Nations International Court of Justice has already said that Japan’s whaling does not fall under the international community’s “scientific research exemption.” Instead, the international community believes that Japan is killing whales for commercial purposes. In 2014, the Court of Justice ordered Japan to end its whaling practices and its “research.” Japan, however, has rejected these orders.

Since 2014, Japan has introduced a new “research” program in which it will kill 333 whales annually for “research” purposes. Their new program, which will last 12 years, is forecasted to kill 4,000 minke whales.

If Japanese scientists want to study the population and food supplies of minke whales, surely a depletion in their population would make their studies extremely difficult. There is no way that killing any animal can help in its research. Japan, however, has continued to use this faulty argument, despite international outcry. Sign the petition to urge the Minister of Japan’s Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries to bring an end to this deadly and destructive practice. If scientists want to research whales, it is best if they are alive and thriving in their natural habitat.


Dear Mr. Moriyama,

Once more, a negative light has be shed upon Japan’s scientific community after a whaling fleet has killed 333 minke whales for the purpose of scientific “research.” Despite international outcry against the practice of whaling, and despite a ban put in place by the United Nations, Japan continues to kill hundreds of whales a year and defends its actions as research.

If this “research” continues, 4,000 minke whales will be slaughtered in the next 12 years. If minke whales are so important to Japan’s understanding of whales and their population, why is killing them the only way to study them? Surely depleting their population makes studying their population more difficult.

I urge you to end this practice. The international community knows that Japan is not killing the whales for scientific research, but is instead slaughtering hundreds of innocent animals for commercial purposes. This practice reflects very negatively upon Japan’s place in the modern world. Bring an end to this horrific practice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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  2. michelle taylor says:

    We need another Hirroshima to wipe these filthbag slant eyed ugly brainless vile animal murdering japs off the planet!

  3. Considering how vile the Japanese have become, maybe the title should have stopped short, at “End Japan”.

  4. Linda Barnett says:

    This is not research in any shape or form! Japan making the headlines again with their unethical ways of so called “research”! Utter nonsense and a despicable killing of innocent mammals. Japan needs to take a long hard look at their despicable ways and put right ALL of their wrongdoings! Hands off the Minke Whales!

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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