Stop Government-Sanctioned Killings of Millions of Wild Animals


Target: Gregory Parham, Administrator of Wildlife Services

Goal: Stop killing wild animals deemed nuisances to the agricultural industry.

An entire agency within the U.S. Government exists to kill wildlife deemed troublesome. Wildlife Services, not to be confused with United States Fish and Wildlife Service, is an agency within the U.S. Department Of Agriculture that exists to kill off any wildlife that puts livestock animals at risk. Since 2000, the agency has killed at least 2 million mammals and 15 million birds under instruction of the U.S. government. It’s time to demand an end to this barbarity and stop the Wildlife Services from killing off innocent wildlife.

It can definitely be argued that the Wildlife Services provides a service which some find necessary, but when you look at the staggering numbers put out by the agency, like killing 4 million animals in 2013 alone, it’s hard to understand exactly why they feel the need to kill so many animals. There are countless other ways to protect livestock from outside wildlife and if the U.S. government invested in methods of keeping the wildlife out, we could save millions of wildlife creatures every year.


Dear Gregory Parham,

It’s hard to argue that what your department does is anything but barbaric. Killing off millions of wild animals per year is hardly excusable, even if it is for the “greater good” of American agriculture. These animals are simply living out their natural purpose and your department preys on them from helicopters and from behind bushes.

The budget that the Wildlife Services department receives could easily be transferred into prevention methods that keep animals out of livestock enclosures. If the same funds were put into preventing the problem rather than solving it, we wouldn’t have so many wild species at risk of becoming endangered, or worse, extinct.

There is no need to actively hunt and kill millions of creatures every year. There are better ways to spend government and taxpayer dollars than on the hunting of animals just trying to live their lives. There are many other ways to keep animals out of livestock enclosures without needing to resort to violent tactics. We demand that the Wildlife Services cease this barbaric practice of killing wildlife at once.


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Photo Credit: USDA

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  1. It’s how you started out, in America – by hunting down and destroying the buffalo herds and it seems you have not learned a damned thing since. All you seem to do is kill and clear for farmers, ranchers and those who want barbed wire surrounds and not a wild animal in sight. God Help America. This lot, here in England are up to the same capers. Killing for cattle. Vaccinate the beasts and leave the wildlife alone. As for the States, a little electric fencing, not too great a shock, but enough to deter, should do the trick. That’s what farmers do in South Africa when they want to protect cattle and wildlife simultaneously. They call it respect for nature and what she gave us – and indeed, for what she knows, which far outweighs anything that you have had to show for any given time.

  2. Am so sick of these POS organizations that are merely hired guns using tax payer money to serve the interests of big ranchers who keep taking the homes of these wild animals to make their big money and increase their bank rolls at the expense of God’s animals. Wildlife Services needs to be disbanded immediately and the money they waste (my hard earned money) should be given to real organizations like the U.S. FAW Services to use. Get rid of Wildlife Service’s hired guns and ban rancher’s from using public lands for grazing! Save wild animals!

  3. From Center for Biological Diversity, a wonderful group that works to save wildlife and wild places: from 2014:

    Kierán Suckling, Center for Biological Diversity

    Center for Biological Diversity

    Help Stop Wildlife Services

    Help us stop the government’s rogue wildlife-killing machine.

    America’s deadliest government program, Wildlife Services, just released its latest kill tally. In 2014 their guns, traps and poisons snuffed out 2.7 million animals.

    Their slaughter included 322 gray wolves; 61,702 coyotes; 580 black bears; 305 mountain lions; 796 bobcats; 454 river otters; 2,930 foxes; 1,330 hawks and 22,496 beavers. The program also killed 15,698 black-tailed prairie dogs and destroyed 33,309 of their dens.

    Making a donation to the Stop Wildlife Services Fund is the most powerful thing you can do today to protect wildlife in the crosshairs of this rogue killing agency.

    Wildlife Services insists on keeping their killing methods secret, but the awful truth has been leaking out. Many of the animals they wiped out were “unintentional” — resulting from their reckless use of cruel traps and cyanide land mines that kill indiscriminately. They admit to killing 990 dogs and cats, but as one whistleblowing employee put it, “We were actually told not to report dogs we killed because it would have a detrimental effect on us.”

    • sometimes I wish God would shake his mighty hand and take all animals home in one painless sweep and then they wouldn’t be hurt or killed anymore I’d like to know who made America god to kill all these beautiful animals that deserve to live in peace but no they have to kill kill

  4. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Greg – The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth and they have just as much a right as you and I do to be here. We have invaded the homes and homeland of nearly every animal on this planet yet we were never invited. Leave these innocent and defenseless animals alone and let them live their lives in peace. Lord knows they’ve earned their keep…

  5. Barbara Griffith says:

    I believe this pack of A-Holes was taken to court by one of the organizations, I can’t recall which one. I never heard about what happened after the trial. The first time I had heard of Wild Life Services was someone had written an article about one of their A-Holes turning his dogs lose on a coyote with its leg caught in a trap and they killed the coyote. Ripped it to pieces.
    Why are they killing river otters? Just what can a river otter do that bothers a rancher anyway? The otters were almost wiped out because of trapping and now these A-Holes are killing them along with beavers? Beavers were done the same way as the otters were people wanted coats made out of the skin. This organization needs to be shut down now. I think this is why even in the forest you never see much wildlife because there isn’t much left out there anymore. The BLM “Bureau of Land Managment’ is doing our wild horses the same way. Rounding them up claiming that there are too many of them for the amount of grazing. It always the ranchers that complain as soon as the horses are rounded up and trucked off to some holding pen, trucks loaded with cattle are unloaded in the very same area. Public land which BLM has given over to the ranchers. This has been going on for years they have been caught selling truck load’s of these horses to slaughter. That is a proven fact.

  6. It is outrageous that the government is bought off by Big Ag and Big Ag is calling the shots. Our government is killing animals so animal ag can continue to torture and slaughter animals for human consumption. They are killing off indigenous species so there can be an over abundance of cattle ranches – which, cattle are not indigenous to this country. They will slaughter the last 100 wolves so that 10s of thousands of cattle can be raised in horrific conditions, live torturous lives before being gruesomely slaughtered. Not to mention the destruction of natural habitat for the animals that are allowed to survive. There is something seriously wrong with this!

  7. Linda Barnett says:

    Conservation is the way forward not the taking of life! The practice of Wildlife Services is barbaric and totally unacceptable, and in no way belongs in this century. Wildlife is not troublesome, MAN IS! This world has been created for ALL life, man and beast. What gives man the right to take steps to wipe out certain species? Man has no right! The US Government has to take a long hard look at what they are doing, and correct their ways.

  8. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?


    • yeah they’re real tough when they have guns they think they’re real men well all they are are subhumans and someday they’ll be sorry for what they do they’ve been doing this for hundreds of years ever since they walked into that country and took over from the real Americans

  10. this is America first you take land and kill the people and their buffalo who the hell died and made you god now your killing animals that are supposedly harming live stock you sick sick subhumans need to be shot you call yourselves Americans well look again the true American is the one that just killed to survive not for the reason you idiots are killing but them you killed them too and pronounced victories you sick bastards all you live for is to kill no matter what species it is

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