City Must Stop Using Baby Bulls in Bullfights

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Target: Emiliano Garcia-Page, President of Castilla-La Mancha

Goal: End the use of calves in bullfights.

Bullfighting is a violent tradition that is unfortunately still around today. About 1,000 bulls are killed each year due to these barbaric fights. However, things have taken a turn for the worse. In Valmojado, Spain, a baby bull was put into the arena to fight a grown man with a sword.

The baby bull was not even weaned off his mother’s milk before he was tossed into the arena for certain death. Bullfighting is already an unfair fight, and this baby didn’t even have fully grown horns to try to defend himself. The fight ended with the baby collapsing and spitting up blood.

Sign this petition and demand calves are no longer used in bullfights. Bullfighting is already sickening, but to put babies in the arena is even more disgusting.


Dear Mr. Garcia-Page,

Bullfighting is a common tradition throughout Spain. However, not all traditions are meant to last. Bullfighting causes severe physical and mental pain to about 1,000 bulls every year.

In Valmojado, Spain, there is one unique difference in its bullfights. Instead of using full grown bulls, calves are thrown into the ring. These baby bulls, who are so young they are not fully weaned off their mother’s milk, do not even have fully grown horns to defend themselves. This is no fight, but a massacre.

Please put a ban on using calves in bullfights. Bullfighting is already horrible enough when an adult bull is used, but to throw babies into an arena for certain death is barbaric.


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  1. pierre chantelauze says:

    these are the people , this is the sickening abuse which make mankind the worst species on Earth , and we don’t want to belong to THAT SPECIES .
    Such glory to torment a baby animal !
    In Spanish :”LA VERGUENZA” (the shame).
    Senores :try to measure the suffering you inflict, and the pathetic example you give to the young and the world .
    Try to see what you do , if you have a brain . Just a useless , hideous massacre of innocence .

  2. simon rickman simon rickman says:

    Fuck Spain. Morons with small cocks needs to kill babies to get a hard on. Fuck them all.

  3. Linda Barnett says:

    Bullfighting does not belong in the 21st century. Such barbaric brutality has no place in this world and Spain must HALT this despicable cruelty NOW! To subject bulls to such terror is outrageous, but to inflict such horror on young baby bulls is quite despicable. Clean up your country once and for all. Such cruelty is not “SPORT” it is “MURDER”. Blood sports belong in the dark ages!

  4. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  5. Humans are the most disturbing, demented species and this world is over populated with them. It’s hard to believe that such an ignorant, insensitive life form such as this are the caretakers of this earth.

  6. What a stinking country Spain is. You had the Spanish Inquisition, conquest of the New World where millions of people were set on fire alive and the latest is killing baby bulls. España es un pais lleno de hijos de puta.

  7. why do people go to spain and give money to Spanish filth, because that’s what they are dirty bastards.

  8. Cynthia Mattera says:

    STOP abusing and killing adult and baby bulls. Stop bullfighting!


  10. Rebecca Martello says:

    Spain. Unbelievable in its appetite for animal cruelty. There is a matador school for CHILDREN ages 6-12 that uses calves to teach the kids how to kill it. Check out the atrocities inflicted on Spanish galgos (greyhounds). Bullfights, running of the bulls, coating the horns of a bull with tar and lighting them on fire, horse wrestling, the list goes on and on. Spain needs to feel a serious decline in tourism until its government passes animal welfare legislation and imposes serious consequences for animal abuse.

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