Save Animals Reportedly Living in Filthy, Negligent Labs

Rat Janet Stephens

Target: Uri Yehuda Ariel, Minister of Agriculture

Goal: Investigate labs accused of keeping animals in horrific conditions and failing to provide veterinary care.

A volunteer in the zoological research branch of Tel Aviv University recently released photos of the animals used in the laboratories and they were not easy to look at. Mice, rats, gerbils and other animals have allegedly been subjected to extreme mental and physical stress and it is time to put this to an end.

The pictures appear to show the animals living in filth. Green algae was growing in the water, dirt and grime filled the cages along with maggots and flies, and dead bodies were left to rot in cages. Many of the animals were denied veterinary care, water and adequate space, with some cages having as many as 50 mice crammed inside.

Sign this petition and demand that Israel’s Department of Agriculture investigate Tel Aviv University’s labs. These animals should not be subjected to this torture any longer.


Dear Mr. Ariel,

Recently, graphic photos from inside the zoological research labs of Tel Aviv University were released. The animals, mainly mice, rats, gerbils and other rodents, have allegedly been subjected to cruel physical and mental stress while in these laboratories.

According to the former volunteer who took the photos, the animals were forced to live in dirty cages filled with dirt, grime, decaying bodies, maggots and flies. As if the filth wasn’t already bad enough, some of the cages were crammed with up to 50 mice.

In addition, many of the animals were reportedly denied veterinary care when they needed it most. One animal had a wound so deep it was exposing bone, however care was not given until a month later.

Please investigate these laboratories and save the animals from these cruel experiments.


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Photo credit: Janet Stephens

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  1. Sara Smith says:

    What a pity Jewish people don’t remember the need for care and compassion THEY had during WW2 and translate it into looking after these helpless animals. But then , who’d expect other than sadists or psychopaths to be working in such organisations?

  2. these helpless little creatures should not be in such an evil place to start with, use each other to practice vile things on, then think what you put each creature through, sickening.

  3. How pathetic to treat God’s creation with such disrespect and cruelty!

  4. The modern world does not need to be experimenting on its animals that have the right to be cared for by any civilised, decent, society. Leaving animals in such a terrible state does not say much for Israel’s University Labs and sends a cruel message to its students.

  5. Wendy Morrison says:

    All laboratories experimentIngram on any ani.AL should be shut down permanently and have those animals released to sanctuarits or loving homes.

  6. These poor, innocent animals don’t deserve to be treated in such a cruel and inhumane manner for any reason. STOP testing on animals! The evil scientists need to experiment on each other.

  7. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    S & S❗️?

  8. The puspose of science and technology is to always find ways to advance, take away animal testing and it will still find ways without it

  9. Maria Mahyorova says:

    I am planning to move to Israel (I’m a jew). I hope it will be possible to be proud of my country, but not with such things.

    • Maria Mahyorova says:

      And if it is “for healthcare” than thank you, I don’t need such a healthcare. I’ll never accept this as Kosher.

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