Justice for Family Dog Killed in Political Attack

Target: Susan Hawk, Dallas County District Attorney

Goal: Demand justice for a dog poisoned because her owner openly supported Hillary Clinton.

A dog died after ingesting a neurotoxin, seemingly given to her because of her owners’ open political stance. The Texas Hillary Clinton supporters believe the poisoning is related to the repeated vandalism of their political yard signs and their car. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Abby, a 2-year-old Shepherd mix, started shaking. She died shortly after visiting her veterinarian, who concluded that she had ingested a deadly neurotoxin. This incident followed the disappearance of three pro-Hillary Clinton yard signs from the family’s front yard and a note placed under their door stating “Hillary for prison 2016.” The family’s car was also vandalized to the point of being beyond repair.

No arrests have been made yet. Demand authorities find and prosecute the sick person who killed Abby.


Dear District Attorney Hawk,

A family dog named Abby was killed due to her family’s open political stance. The 2-year-old Shepherd mix ingested a neurotoxin, eventually dying from its effects. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.

The Texas couple first reported the disappearance of three of their pro-Hillary Clinton yard signs followed by an ominous note under their door. Next, their car was vandalized, leaving it irreparable. Then came Abby’s death, which the family believes was also deliberate.

Justice must be served. Take a stand against animal abuse and seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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  1. Angelia Long says:

    This cannot be ignored, if no justice is served, you are just sending a message that all family members can be hurt (even babies) if the parents have a different opinion from you!

    • Maria Mahyorova says:

      That’s what happens in Russia. Literally. If you have “wrong” views on politics, you children are in danger. Recently a daughter of a man who criticized one of Putin’s servants was badly beaten in the street. I hope USA is not a place where such things are not taken seriously.

  2. this is sad that the great dog was killed because of politics now. kill this animal killer now.

  3. Cyndi Palmer says:

    This is BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS!!!! To think we have sunk this low during a presidential election that an innocent dog was killed? Yet, it’s not surprising to me because of the type of people the Trump campaign has dug up from beneath the bowels of our country!! Mr. Trump has been inciting violence since the beginning of his campaign. He is evil as are those who follow this modern day Hitler!! This poor innocent dog paid with her life because her family supports Hillary! Maybe I should keep close watch on my dogs as well? To think we have sunk this low is absolutely frightening!! Yet, I’m afraid this will only get worse as we head into the election. CHARGES AND JUSTICE must be brought forth in Abbey’s name!!! RIP dear one… You did not deserve to die because your family was exercising THEIR right to freedom of speech.

    • Cyndi- you just extolled the exact same hatred of other people’s politics as the dog killer. Shame on you. Your hatred came thru loud and clear. You are no better.

    • Martha Parisi says:

      your entire “speech” is the same scripted Hitler and evil speech that every puppet robot Clinton supporter is regurgitating. You say he is a modern day Hitler; yet, none of you indoctrinated zombies realizes the irony in the fact that your dear Evillary is the one who is a socialist aka communist. She is the one responsible for the deaths at Benghazi; she is the one who wants babies to be aborted up until the day of delivery; she is the one who as an attorney, defended and got a rapist of a young girl set free and then later bragged how everyone knew he was guilty but she pulled it off; she is the one with documented violent outbursts towards every staff member in the White House at least once – hitting one staff member at the back of the head, with a BIBLE no less, breaking a vase, and even giving Willy Billy a black eye once or possibly twice. Yet not one of you has any documented proof of anything evil that Trump has done except “he’s mean when he talks”. If you would just hear yourself talk like the people you talk down to hear you, you would realize how ridiculous you sound especially when you found it necessary to use the tragedy of this poor dog as an opportunity to get up on your soapbox like a typical Clinton supporter and accuse 50% of Americans as being from beneath the bowls of this country (just like your queen-mother labeled all of us as being in her basket of deplorables, so you just repeat what she says)Even she realized later that that was a big mistake. What a pity

  4. Sylvia thomas says:

    I hope who ever responsible for the death of this precious dog dies slow painful death

  5. Linda Barnett says:

    There has to be justice for this unforgiveable cruelty. This poor innocent and helpless dog must have suffered such an agonising death and the perpetrators of this despicable act must be found and SEVERELY dealt with. I quite understand the views made by Cyndi Palmer, but I must comment that we must not stoop as low as this bigot standing for presidential election in the states. Yes, he is a bigot with a sick and evil mind and I only hope that he is not elected in November. God help the USA and the world if he is elected!

  6. Bev Woodburn says:

    Catch the vile and evil heartless lowlife subhuman monster who murdered Abby and kill the vile and evil sadistic monster who deliberately committed this vile and heinous act against an innocent and defenceless dog called Abby.
    Die slowly you lowlife evil monster from hell.

  7. I call bs. Sounds like it bit a toad which have glands that emit a neurotoxin. Typical lib garbage, using the unfortunate death of a pet to push a political agenda.
    The vet should have recognized the effects and told them the probable cause.

  8. How does one find the demon perpetrator and how does one prove guilt? I’m sure the authorities would make an arrest if they had an inkling of who it is. If I were that family, I would install hidden surveillance cameras. That would be a way of catching the culprit. What kind of monster delivers an agonizing death to an innocent dog? I would have put a bullet in the bastard to prevent the atrocity.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hey, I’m not a clinton fan but I would NEVER EVER harm an animal for ANY reason❗️? and I would NOT destroy property either. I hope whoever did this horror to that poor dog gets caught, rots their ass in jail, then in hell❗️?
    Signed & Shared.

  10. Suzanne OBrien says:

    This crime takes humankind to a new level of low.

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