Stop Serving Frogs to Be Eaten Alive


Target: Ambassador of Japan to the United States of America Kenichiro Sasae

Goal: Ban the inhumane practice of serving “live sushi” in Japan.

Bullfrogs are stabbed, skinned, and prepared alive as a delicacy called “live sushi” in certain upscale restaurants in Japan. They are served with their organs exposed on ice with lemon and soy sauce, and their innards are eaten while their limbs flail, their eyes blink, and their hearts still beat. This is called “ikizukuri,” which translates to “prepared alive.”

Although the argument has been made that the squirming and struggling of the frog on the plate is simply the result of neurons firing, the frog’s brain is left intact and functioning, and it is sometimes skinned before it is completely beheaded. Its entire upper body is left intact and put on a plate, where it continues to flail and twitch. This leaves some question as to when the frog can be officially considered dead. Since the dish is literally defined as being “prepared alive,” it stands to reason that this is torture that the frog actually lives to experience.

This practice is inhumane and cruel, and it must be stopped. Urge the Japanese ambassador to use his influence to help put an end to this horrifying practice.


Dear Ambassador Sasae,

The practice of serving ikizukuri, or sashimi that is “prepared alive” as a delicacy is an instance of animal cruelty. The serving of bullfrogs to be eaten alive in upscale restaurants in Japan is inhumane and cannot be allowed to continue. These frogs are tortured, their brains left intact while they are stabbed and skinned. Their organs are eaten while their hearts are still beating, and the upper halves of their bodies squirm on the plate.

These frogs should not be subjected to this type of cruelty in the name of upscale dining. The fact that the bullfrog’s brain remains intact, that it is stabbed and skinned while its body remains in one piece, and that the name of the dish itself means “prepared alive” indicates that the frog does experience at least some if not all of the torture it is subjected to.

The idea of an animal having to watch while its organs are eaten is horrifying and disturbing. Please do not allow this inhumane practice to continue. I urge you to use your influence to denounce this terrible treatment of animals and ban restaurants from serving “live sushi.”


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Photo credit: Bidgee

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  1. JAPAN please STOP BEING CRUEL. There is no need to go to such extent to torture innocent living beings to satisfy your taste buds.

  2. Cecelia Nelson says:


  3. How LOW can the human race sink? OMG everyday I read more and more horrors done to animal and people! It makes me ashamed to be part of the human race! Why don’t we start practicing humanity and stop torturing innocent, living, human and animal beings

  4. Nancy Dunlap says:

    This is a barbaric practice that must stop now!

  5. Uncivilized, cruel, barbaric, disgusting!! Upscale Japanese restaurants!!! Sounds like they are living in the Middle Ages. Horrifying and must be STOPPED!!!

  6. simon rickman simon rickman says:

    Kin morons


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