Stop Abuse by Increasing Regulation in Animal Rescues


Target: Brian Pallister, Premier of Manitoba

Goal: Create and implement regulations to stop animal abuse in animal rescues.

Activists are calling for oversight of animal rescues to be increased after dead and severely ill dogs were found in the home of a Manitoba dog rescue director. Unlike shelters, which must be licensed,  rescue operations can be set up by any ordinary citizen. These citizens are then allowed to solicit donations from the public in order to keep the rescues running. This lack of oversight can allow rescue operators to exploit animals for the sake of profit or neglect them due to poverty.

Officials with the Winnipeg Humane Society found the scene while investigating the discovery of five  dead dogs. Upon entering the rescue director’s home, they found another dead dog as well as over a dozen dogs suffering varying degrees of illness. According to the Humane Society, the conditions inside the home were filthy. One animal in particular had eyes so infected that they were held shut with pus, and had rashes all over his face, likely from an untreated skin condition.

While the vast majority of animal rescues work hard to improve the lives of the animals brought to them, it’s important that regulations are put in place to prevent the abuse of animals, however uncommon the occurrence. In order to ensure that greedy and neglectful rescues cannot operate, inspection and oversight of these facilities must also be implemented. Sign the petition below to ask the government to work with legitimate rescue groups and the Humane Society to create and implement anti-abuse regulations for animal rescues.


Dear Mr. Pallister,

An investigation is currently underway after dead and severely ill dogs were found in the home of a dog rescue operator. The dogs were kept in squalid conditions and were suffering myriad health problems, including eye infections and skin rashes. One dog was even found dead.

Though rare, these abusive rescue operations give legitimate animal rescues a bad name. In order to preserve the integrity of rescue operations as well as protect innocent animals from cruelty, regulations must be implemented and inspections must be conducted to ensure compliance. We, the undersigned, ask that you work with animal advocacy organizations in order to create and enforce new regulations for animal rescue operations.


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Photo credit: Amaya Eguizabal

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  1. Simone Dail says:

    I know a hoarder who has taken in 6 dogs that were rescued from certain death at a San Antonio animal shelter. 4 of the dogs are Lab/Retrievers and they all are being kept in crates for more than 12 hours a day. There is no room in the house for them to even walk around, yet animal control officers saw nothing wrong with it. Mind you, they were dumb enough to leaf a calling card with a date and time for their return visit the first time they went to check. This gave the hoarder all afternoon and night to do dishes and other cleaning and, believe it or not, she brought 3 of the larger dogs to a dog care facility for several days so that she could tell them that she didn’t have 6 dogs.

    • Yes, the ones out to make money will do whatever is needed to hide the truth about how the dogs are cared for, the fact that they are usually NOT re-homed, etc.

      One bonded set of dogs spent 11 years in a boarding kennel (they were “owned” by a “rescue”; another set spent 8 years in a kennel and one of the two died waiting for a home, and these are only the ones we KNOW ABOUT!!!

    • Margaret Melnick says:

      Report her again and again until animal control listens. One good way to get their attention is to make it public. Speak to the paper or local news or any animal rescue group other people who know the situation. Names and address posted for all to see.

  2. I have said this for years……rescues act as if they are the “be all/ end all” for dogs in shelters but many, many rescues are run as money making schemes by people who have figured out how easy it is to start a so called “dog rescue” and get donations of money from the gullible public!

    Some dogs in so-called rescues have spent YEARS in kennels, no home for them was ever found……others have been returned to high-kill animal shelters after money was raised to get the rescue to take the dog out of another high-kill shelter…..Rescue owners/ managers have been KNOWN to have taken lavish trips using money obtained by “rescuing” dogs from shelters, leaving the dogs with minimal care or NO care……..

  3. Natasha polychuk says:

    that’s not a surprise here in manitoba it’s a hellhole for animals!

  4. Sylvia thomas says:

    karma will come for you!!

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