Puppy Starved to Death Deserves Justice


Target: Samuel Scott Olens, Attorney General of Georgia

Goal: Help ensure man accused of severely neglecting and abusing puppies, causing one of them to die, receives maximum sentence.

Three puppies were allegedly abused by a callous owner. We need to take action in order to ensure that no other animals endure the same fate. Theodore Jones has been accused of killing one puppy by starving him, chaining another puppy up outside without water and cutting off a little Chihuahua’s ears. The same dog was also reportedly found to be infested with flea and gnat bites. Jones apparently did nothing to help these dogs even after a concerned neighbor knocked on his door to voice her concerns. Instead, it was reported that he shut the door in her face and continued to allow the dogs to suffer.

Because the puppies were found to be in such a poor state, Jones has been charged with three counts of aggravated animal cruelty and could be brought up on felony charges. If he abused these animals, it is likely that he has also abused other animals in the past. Demand he receive the maximum jail sentence and fine for his alleged actions and that he also not be allowed to own pets in the future; no animal deserves to be treated in such a deplorable manner.


Dear Attorney General Olens,

Three puppies were reportedly found to be severely abused on a man’s property. It is important that the accused party receive the maximum legal sentence for his actions if he is found guilty in order to ensure other animals remain safe.

Sadly, Theodore Jones has been accused of causing one puppy’s death by not providing it with proper nourishment, chaining up another puppy outside without water and chopping off a tiny Chihuahua’s ears. The Chihuahua was also said to be suffering from multiple flea and gnat bites. The man is further accused of continuing to allow the dogs to suffer after a neighbor knocked on his door to voice her concerns.

Authorities believed the animals were so harshly abused that they brought the man up on three felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty. If this man is found guilty but his charges are reduced, he will likely abuse many more innocent animals. For these reasons, I urge you to do everything in your power to not only ensure that Jones receives the harshest penalty under law but to also do whatever possible to ensure he is banned from ever owning pets again; no animal deserves to endure such disgusting abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Waynesboro Police Department

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  1. michelle taylor says:

    This ugly mordidly obese puppy killer, must be externminated!!!!
    An eye for an eye!

  2. WHAT A COWARD !!!!

  3. Simone Dail says:

    I have a neighbor who constantly beats with fists, kicks, and hangs his dogs for up to five years. Then he poisons them and gets another puppy to do it all over again. This is his pattern, every four to five years he gets a puppy, abuses it its entire short life and then poisons it. Needless to say, all his dogs are mean and they are always pitbulls. This is happening in Austin, Texas and the authorities just don’t care. Even the Humane Society won’t do anything unless a dog is near death or dead. I know, because they have told me so themselves when I reported another animal abuse case in my neighborhood. In that case, I ended up buying a severely abused German Shepherd (9 years old at the time) who had only weight 50 pounds, had almost no hair left on its body, all teeth rotted, and severe flea and heartworm infestation.

    • Video it and bring it to the police and video the interaction with them. Bring 2 witnesses with you to the station. Bring your video to the local news station. Squeak the wheel using public media until someone does something. Just know that the people who abuse animals will also burn your house down. They are morbidly crazy in the head.

  4. Mean people deserve mean treatment. Cut off his ears, no water, no food. Animal abuse is a FELONY!! He must be punished. The pain and agony he did to these innocent animals he must be punished. WE ARE NOW IN THE MODERN ERA AND ANIMAL ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!

  5. Nancy Dunlap says:

    Take this POS behind the courthouse and shoot him! End of problem.

  6. Cecelia Nelson says:

    WHY, I NEVER will understand WHY WASTE of HUMAN FLESH like this POS have animals. I say “what goes around, comes around”. Do to him what he did to this poor puppy. R.I.P. PUP, we’re NOT ALL like this HORRIBLE WASTE…

  7. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    I hope some1 beats your ass within a 1/2 inch of yo worthless oxygen waster
    p. o. s. life!!! 🙁
    Signed & Shared.

  8. Starve this piece of shit to death, and laugh at him as he begs in misery. Spit in his face as he dies.

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