Increase Sentence for Man Who Tortured Animals for Decades


Target: Dave Aronberg, State Attorney for Palm Beach County

Goal: Increase the lenient sentence given to man who tortured and illegally slaughtered thousands of farm animals over three decades.

A man convicted of the torture and barbaric murder of thousands of farm animals at an illegal slaughterhouse has only been given suspended jail time. Undercover videos show goats and other farm animals at Medina Farms in Palm Beach County, Florida, being horrifically mistreated and killed with rifles and knives without pain relief. Yet, the owner of the operation, Monieram Rathibhan, has only been given three years of probation, including 90 days in jail that can be converted to house arrest.

Moreover, Rathibhan is seen grossly mishandling the animals himself in the footage. He is seen cutting into a fully conscious goat’s neck while the animal struggles and shooting a cow in the head. The cow was still alive as Rathibhan cut its neck and another worker proceeded to butcher the animal. Reports reveal that thousands of animals were “tortured, brutalized and lived in squalor” at the facility.

Sign this petition demanding that Rathibhan’s sentence is severely increased, to ensure that no more animals suffer the horror these innocent farm animals endured.


Dear Mr. Aronberg,

The owner of Medina Farms has been let off with an extremely lenient sentence despite the extent of the horrors endured by animals at his illegal slaughtering facility for three decades. Undercover footage shows owner Monieram Rathibhan slaughtering a fully conscious goat and shooting a cow in the head and cutting its neck while still alive, among other horrific acts.

However, Rathibhan has only been given three years of probation, including 90 days in jail that can be converted to house arrest. This is not a harsh enough punishment for abuse of this magnitude. The thousands of animals who were “tortured, brutalized and lived in squalor” and died horrific deaths at this facility deserve proper justice.

Please review this man’s sentence and increase it to fully reflect the extent of the cruelty involved and signal that animal abuse is severely punishable by law.


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  1. This man MUST feel the pain he so often inflicted on innocent animals.

  2. Amar Taggarh says:

    There is a special place for this scumbag and his asshole employees who enjoyed hurting innocents in the Circles of Hell. Animals and young children are the closest things we have as a society whom are truly innocent and should be cherished as being the closest to godliness. This horrible human being and those like him should be fully punished to show we as a society shall not and will not stand for this horrific abuse. Send him to animal lovers who have been exposed to this shit and see how he gets treated. But if we cannot he should be sent to jail for the rest of his shit life so he doesn’t spread his ideologies to the other scumbags who look at his sentence as a slap on the wrist.

  3. Please someone /something rid this dying planet of this fucking human shit!!!! & give ALL ANIMALS some PEACE xxx

  4. Carolyn Taylor says:

    This horrible man must be prevented from having any more animals and must be punished to the fullest extent of our inadequate animal abuse laws! I demand justice for the poor animals!

  5. WTF is it with judges ignoring horrific treatment of animals? The legal system needs a heaping dose of caring about cruelty no matter who the innocent and defenseless victims are.

  6. JN Dauterive says:

    State Atty. for Palm Beach, Fla.
    Address: 401 N Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
    Phone:(561) 355-7100

  7. Cut HIS miserable ass up with a dull knife! Better yet – LET ME! I know where I’ll start!

  8. give this killer what it likes to give now.=death.

  9. First off the thing is not a human being and most definitely not a MAN! Its a low life sniveling cowardly troll. That resides under a pile of maggot shit! Put a bullet in its head and get it over with! No time like the present.

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