Stop Sponsoring Trophy Hunter Who Killed Bear in Sadistic Manner

American Black Bear by Victor

Target: Kevin Plank, CEO of Under Armour

Goal: Refuse further sponsorship to Josh Bowmar for reportedly baiting and cruelly spearing a bear just to brag about it.

Trophy hunter and former NCAA javelin athlete Josh Bowmar reportedly killed an Alberta black bear and bragged about it for a video he posted online. He’s seen using bait to attract the innocent bear and then shot his homemade spear into the animal’s side.

After the senseless killing, Bowmar brags to the camera that “he’s going down. I drilled him perfect.” Graphic images of the bear’s intestines are shown hanging from branches.

The bear wasn’t even found until the next day because, according to Bowmar, it was late and would’ve been dangerous to chase the bear. He defended his actions, claiming that it was humane and that he didn’t care enough to go find the bear that was still alive and possibly suffering.

Bear baiting isn’t illegal in Northern Alberta, where this occurred, but that doesn’t change how cruel and and despicably self-serving this act was. In fact, so many people were outraged by the level of cruelty and heartlessness that they’re calling to make spearing-hunting illegal.

Josh Bowmar’s narcissistic behavior in the video reflects negatively on his sponsors, and he should have to take responsibility and face consequences for his actions. Please add your signature to this petition to tell the company Under Armour that sponsors him to refuse to sponsor and support him after this.


Dear Mr. Plank,

Josh Bowmar reportedly baited and speared a bear on camera, then bragged incessantly about it. The bear flees with the spear in its side and isn’t found until the following day because it’s too dangerous to go after it, according to Bowmar. So the helpless animal was left to suffer to death just for his ego boost.

This is cruelty to animals, and Mr. Bowmar’s narcissistic behavior reflects negatively on you, a brand that sponsors him. People who lure innocent animals to their deaths then proudly kill them should be ousted, not supported. We strongly encourage you to refuse further sponsorship to Josh Bowmar after his display of cruelty to innocent, wild animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Victor

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  1. Natasha polychuk says:

    ugly fuckin snall penis hick!!!!!!!!!!111 hope he gets killed by a bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Charleen Murphy says:

      Filthy huge Evil disgusting pos thing it is!!!!! I agree I hope it’s ripped apart soon by big daddy bear!! the huge weak as shit basted!!!

  2. Todd Fletcher says:

    This Cat should be next!

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    Disgusting piece of garbage. I hate it when “famous” people do horrible things like this and then brag about it. He needs to be eaten by a giant bear! Stupid s.o.b.

  4. David Farrimond says:

    Too afraid to finish it off because it got dark? – I’m surprised that this coward didn’t have his mammy with him – I’d like to suggest a new career – how about Ballet?

  5. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope the fckr dies a slow painful death❗️? Then rot in hell u P. O. S.?
    Signed & Shared.

  6. Cecelia Nelson says:

    Can you say next SERIAL KILLER? This SICK, SADISTIC WASTE of HUMAN FLESH. What goes around, comes around. Some day in some way he WILL be punished… SHAME ON HIM!!!


  8. Simone Dail says:

    This cruel game needs to be turned around! How about hunting the hunters and kill them the way they kill their innocent prey? They certainly would deserve this. It’s disgusting how little respect some humans have for animals.

  9. Debra A Gannon says:

    We need Death Wish for Animals!! I would love to be a vigilante and kill all these POS animal abusers.. It must be real hard to kill a bear when u have a pile of bait!! F_ckin idiot. I hope you lose your sponsor and make no money then you can look back and say i hope it was worth it!!! Asshole.

  10. Renate Ingelsheim says:


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