Catch Person Who Dumped Kittens in Cemetery to Die


Target: Ellie O’Connor, Police Chief of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Goal: Find and severely punish whoever abandoned kittens in a graveyard where one died and the other was nearly starved to death.

Two 8-week-old kittens, one of which was dead, were reportedly found in a graveyard where they’d been cruelly dumped. The surviving kitten, named Beetlejuice by rescuers, had to undergo emergency treatment just to survive. Rescuers say that the kitten was starved, dangerously thin, and weak. His condition is so severe that the animal charity is having to hand-feed him. Beetlejuice was also suffering from a flea infestation that was so severe it caused anemia.

This is the most cruel way to get rid of an unwanted pet. Despite options like animal shelters being available for pet owners who want to be relieved of the responsibility, this cruel method of disposal is common. There’s no excuse for treating animals like garbage and disposing of them. Whoever cruelly abandoned these kittens knew that their chances at survival were slim. Please help put a stop to this senseless animal abandonment by demanding that authorities take a stand, starting by finding the person responsible for this crime.


Dear Ms. O’Connor,

A kitten was reportedly found barely alive after he was abandoned with a sibling in a graveyard. Unfortunately, one of the kittens was already dead. Rescuers say that the surviving kitten was suffering from starvation, anemia, and a severe flea infestation.

Abandoning these helpless kittens is a senseless act of cruelty. We ask that you take a stand to stop the increasing animal abandonment, starting by finding whoever did this. Please do everything in your power to make sure the person who dumped these kittens is found and severely punished.


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Photo credit: Alex Ranaldi

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  1. Nena Miller says:

    Neuter your animals you ass. There was NO WHERE to take these babies? Ass!

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    I am so sick of hearing about the cruelties that are done to innocent animals. The bastard who did this needs to be beaten with a steel bat! These are babies for hell’s sake, if you didn’t want them, then take them to a shelter.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how many weak, sniveling, lazy, cowardly, people there are out there. I hope against hope whomever did this is punished!

  4. Cecelia Nelson says:

    All of these comments say what I want to for the WASTE OF HUMAN FLESH who did this. So for the kitten who didn’t make it, R.I.P. little one, I’m SO SORRY. For Beetlejuice who struggling to survive, you’ve made it this far, DON’T give up….

  5. Rubens Jean-louis says:


  6. Natalie norman says:

    reality is: the individual that abandoned the kittens will never be found, never be caught, never be brought to justice.

  7. Debra Jordan says:

    How can anyone do this to an innocent baby kitten. Threre are so many people who would of taken that baby. This monster needs to be punished. If he isn’t then whats next for a another innocent animal.

  8. The amount of anger in these posts is simply astonishing. So many people outraged over a cat are calling for the torture and/or death and/or damnation (!) of a human being! How so much hatred can reside in a group of allegedly animal-friendly people, I have no idea.

    • Sara Smith says:

      You again, thicko? Are you sure you’re not actually condoning this horrible action? Maybe you’re happy to illtreat animals yourself as long as none of your precious humans get hurt…is that what you’re saying? The amount of anger on these posts is absolutely justified.

  9. Find the prick n dump his ass in a cement foundation n bury his ass for good

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