Put an End to the High Value Sale of Dog Breeds


Target: Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of the Senate

Goal: Enact legislation to prevent dog breeds from being sold for high values.

Every day dogs are bred at an alarming rate purely for the sake of selling them later for a massive profit. This happens all around the world, but particularly in the United States. Pure bred dogs are usually sold for an exorbitant amount of money–money which only goes to profit the breeder and help continue the breeding process. Very rarely does the money from purchasing a dog go toward rescue organizations, animal shelters, or any of the other various outlets dedicated to protecting and taking care of animals, particularly dogs.

If you limit how much pure bred dogs could sell for, then you take away the incentive for money-hungry dog breeders to continue breeding the animals. Most breeders will breed dogs purely so they can make a large profit return without any consideration for the unique and beautiful creature that they are raising. Just about any animal rescue in the country will tell you to spay and neuter your pets so that they don’t overpopulate, yet breeders do exactly the opposite–they breed dogs purely for the sake of breeding more.

Breeding creates a sense of superiority among owners, many of whom believe that their dogs are superior due to genetics. This creates an incentive for dog breeders to raise the price of their “products” so that the buyer will feel that they spent the top dollar to get a “truly superior beast.”

Creating an outright ban on breeding will only create a much larger black market of breeding, yet by putting a ceiling on how much can be legally spent on a dog, you take away the incentive for legal dog breeders to continue their operation. Demand a sales cap be set on high value dogs, making it so that no dog can be sold for more than $2,000.


Dear Mitch McConnell,

Every day millions of dogs are being bred in captivity against their will solely for the sake of making their breeders big bucks. Dogs are bred to the point that they develop serious health issues as a result of reckless breeding, dogs will be killed for not meeting the standards of breeders, and dogs are being raised with the sole purpose of turning a profit–and this is all done legally. There are no federal laws preventing dog breeders from breeding their animals. There are animal cruelty laws in place, sure, but none that prevent animals from being bred against their will 100 times over.

If you put a sales cap on how much a dog can be purchased for, then you take away some of the largest profit margins in the country. There are dogs that will sell for $1.6 million, yet only cost a few thousand to raise. That sort of profit margin is made illegal in just about any other industry in the United States, so why is it still legal in dog breeding?

It’s been made very clear that people in this country care about animals, especially dogs. Just look at the amount of rescue organizations we have in this country. People are tired of seeing animals mistreated and want to do something about it, however breeding is a problem that seems too big to fail. This is why we are calling on you, our lawmakers, to do something


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  1. Sherry Goodyear says:

    As long as you have stupid rich people paying whatever somebody wants, you will have supply and demand.

    • Chris Broderick says:

      Puppy-mills (and breeders) should be outright banned but unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way. A cap on price for animals is a step in the right direction that will hopefully lead to discontinuation of this stupid, selfish practice.

  2. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Hey all you breeders and puppy mill owners…..”Stop living off the misery of these helpless animals, and get a REAL JOB”.

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