Punish Owner of Farm Where 1,000 Allegedly Neglected Animals Were Found

Goat by Rostyle

Target: Maura Healey, Attorney General of Massachusetts

Goal: Demand justice for 1,000 animals reportedly found chained, caged, starved, and sick.

Over 1,000 animals have been rescued in what authorities have called the largest farm rescue operation in the Northeast United States. The animals included dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, rabbits, and goats, as well as more exotic species like peacocks. The animals are currently being housed at a temporary shelter where 45 workers and volunteers are providing medical care and gathering evidence for a criminal investigation.

When authorities entered the filthy farm, they noted that many of the animals exhibited signs of neglect and illness. Some were reportedly left without food and water while other animals had raw, maggot-infested meat in their feeding areas. Several dead animal corpses were found littered across the property. So far, 15 of animals have been euthanized to end their suffering, while more remain in critical condition.

This is not the first time that the same farm has been suspected of animal abuse. Shortly before authorities rescued these animals, they found 18 dead goats on the property, allegedly killed by two rottweilers. Six years ago, farm owner Richard Medeiros was investigated for animal cruelty.

Authorities have expressed intent to deliver this case to the Attorney General when the investigation is complete. In order to ensure that no more animals are subjected to these nightmarish conditions, it is imperative that the person responsible for this cruelty is punished harshly. Sign the petition below to ask the Attorney General to seek the harshest possible punishment under the law for anyone found guilty of this cruelty.


Dear Mrs. Healey,

Over 1,000 neglected and ill animals were reportedly found on a hidden farm in the woods. According to authorities, the animals were deprived of food and water, while some were constantly chained or kept in filthy cages. Several dead animals were found around the property, while at least 15 have been euthanized due to poor health.

Six years ago, the owner of this farm faced a similar cruelty investigation. Prior to this rescue, several goats were allegedly killed by rottweilers on the property.

In order to ensure that this recurring cruelty stops, it is imperative that those responsible are harshly punished. This will not only ensure justice for the animals, but could help deter future offenders. We, the undersigned, ask that you seek the maximum possible punishment for anyone found guilty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Rostyle

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  1. Mary-Frances Ellis says:

    Must bring this abuser to justice & jailed with the same treatment he gave these animals, and without any mercy.

  2. Rhona LaBruzzo says:

    Please, you have the power to help these poor animals and get these psychopaths off the street. Over 1,000 animals abused. Make the sentence fit this crime.

  3. Why was this beast allowed to get away with this the first time, oh did he use the excuse that it was prejudice against him. Get him out of the country if he has no right to be here. Do you have a animal abuse registry if not why wasn’t his name on a WATCH list by Dept of Ag. or DNR or animal control etc. etc. WHEN will this MADNESS stop??????

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      I agree Barbara!
      What is wrong with the USA, when we constantly read and reread, of animal abuse in truck stop ‘zoos’, private zoos, and farms that pretend to be rescue places, that have all had citations, fines, etc etc?
      These people should get a warning; in a few weeks, if nothing is done to correct the animals situation.. then the next is a heavy fine, if still no corrections….. Then take the animals away!
      Why wait until the animals are dead or dying, before the so-called Department gets off it’s bum and acts????
      I just cannot understand, this apathy towards the animals they should be protecting.

  4. Kathleen Simmons says:

    Please do not allow this person to walk away free. What he did should provide enough evidence to send him to jail for a long time.He did not give these innocent animals a chance. Please do not give him a chance.

  5. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Another ‘cretin’ with no brains!

  6. Rosemary Anderson says:

    Why was this allowed to go. It wasn’t the first time this kind of thing had happened but still these backward morons were allowed to continue to have animals. And for the amount of animals to have suffered like this took time, so where were the authorities. Not only should the vile gits that did this should be locked up but those in authority that should have stopped it as well. Shameful.

  7. simon hooper says:

    revolting bastards.

  8. And in Massachusetts, no less…home of the rich and privileged. Nice. THIS is what comes from “authorities” giving mere slaps on the wrist for PREVIOUS acts of cruelty. It’s all INSANE, and the authorities should pay the price as WELL as the abuser/s.

  9. Those involved must be severely punished with that said what is wrong with government agencies that are supposed to monitor this especially since these monsters were charged before for the same thing??? This needs to be checked out also. Who isn’t doing their job thus causing harm and death to animals that they are supposed to be protecting ?? Maybe their jobs should be put on the line to do a better job because since they aren’t animals are dying horrific deaths.

    Now, these owners must be jailed for 2-3 years, fined a huge amount, banned from having or being around animals.The only way to stop this is to make sure they are severely punished and so this must never happen again.

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