Charge Owners of Massive Alleged Puppy Mill Operation


Target: David Slocum, City Attorney of Senatobia, Mississippi

Goal: Charge the owners of alleged puppy mill and aim for the maximum penalty possible.

Over 170 animals, including multiple pregnant dogs, were reportedly found in a home that doubled as a puppy mill. Nearly a dozen of the animals were dead, although some were near death, according to rescuers. The animals were infested with worms, fleas, and ticks. Of the many illnesses the poor animals were suffering, some of them included alopecia, anemia, malnutrition, and all of the cats had eye infections and upper respiratory problems.

The rescue group said the animals were living in filthy conditions and had no food or water. These innocent, helpless animals were being used for profit and many of them died as a result of these greedy, despicable humans.

Despite the heart-wrenching findings, news reporters say that police haven’t charged anyone yet. They’re still “talking” to the property owners. Talking is not enough. These people need to be punished so severely that they never think of taking in another animal. Please sign this petition to demand that authorities charge these people and aim for the most severe penalties possible, if guilty.


Dear Mr. Slocum,

Rescuers reportedly uncovered a puppy mill with over 170 animals, some already dead. Other animals found on the property were near death and the rescuers say they had no food or water. These innocent animals were suffering from multiple types of infections, parasites, and illnesses.

The president of the Animal Rescue Corps said that the animals had endured extreme suffering. According to reports, the owners have not been charged yet. Please make sure that these animals receive justice and that the owners are charged and severely punished for the lives they’ve taken in the name of greed.


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Photo credit: Josh Henderson

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  1. Jail these greedy pigs! Breeding domestic pets is just suffering and torture for the innocent animals! sTOP breeders! Over 4 MILLION pets killed in U.S. Shelters, millions more are abandoned to die a slow painful death on the streets! Shame on breeders! Stop this insanity!M please!,!, if you care one bit about dogs and cats and bunnies please STOP this unnecessary blight on our world!!!

    • So cruel. These people deserve the worst punishment there can be! They should never be allowed to own another animal for add long as they live! And they should be treated in the same manner as they mistreated these dogs! Horrible, disgusting humans. They should be buried underneath the prison and beaten to death!

  2. WHEN are we simply going to BAN puppy mills?

    These are not “breeders”…..these are out to make money on dogs and cats offspring, sold in turn to pet shops in Malls and other “nice” places, and then re sold to gullible people! Puppy mills add 500,000+ new dogs to our society each and every year, when we already don’t have enough homes for all dogs (and cats) that need them.

  3. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    AND ALL OTHER PUPPY MILLS…it’s so evil to allow animals to suffer just for the almighty dollar!

  4. Animals deserve love and kindness. They are not a reason to make money! Shut down all puppy mills! They are cruel and unnecessary!

  5. Natasha polychuk says:

    throw them in jail for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  6. Mark Turner says:

    These are the twisted, cruel, heartless,scum who do not see life ,they see profit and they should be stripped of any and all assets thrown in jail and banned for life of owning or coming to any contact with any animal.

  7. Sylvia thomas says:

    I only pray the pos low life trashy breeders die a very slow death karma strikes hard !

  8. Please have a heart. Enforce tough animal protection law against cruel and irresponsible puppy mill operators as they only have one goal in mind ..MONEY.
    BAN PUPPY MILLS because these sweet innocent animals both the parents and babies are often left to suffer and live a miserable, torturous caged life throughout with no proper vet care, exercise or sufficient decent food and water. Impose harsh jail time, hefty fine plus permanent ban from having contact with animals.

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