No Leniency for Man Accused of Beating and Slamming Dog Against Ground


Target: Janet Lyness, Johnson County Attorney

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for a man accused of beating his dog and repeatedly slammed it against the ground.

An Iowa City man aggressively beat his dog and repeatedly slammed it against the ground, witnesses state. Unfortunately, Iowa’s animal cruelty laws are among the weakest in the country and abusers tend to receive minimal punishments. In this case, the accused has been charged with animal neglect, a simple misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a possible fine of no more than $625. Demand justice for this innocent dog by severely punishing the abuser, if found guilty.

A video of the attack shows the dog lying on ground while its owner strikes it several times. The unprovoked attack started when John David Fredericks purportedly grabbed his dog by the collar and slammed it onto the ground.

Iowa City police responded and arrested Fredericks on charges of animal neglect. The dog’s condition is unclear at this time. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear County Attorney Lyness,

A dog suffered when its owner reportedly beat it and slammed it against the ground. The attack alerted witnesses, who recorded a video showing the purported abuse. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.

The video showed John David Fredericks appearing to severely beat his dog. The dog laid on the ground, completely still and clearly not a threat to Fredericks during the attack. Fredericks was arrested and charged with animal neglect, but could face only a few days in jail and a small fine if convicted.

Iowa’s animal welfare laws are among the worst in the nation. We demand that you recommend the maximum penalty possible in this case and take a stand against animal abuse.


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Photo Credit: missyredboots

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  1. Rhona LaBruzzo says:

    The abuse being done on our pets is beyond human. Please punish all that stave, beat, or hutt our animals. Get these abusers off the street and into jail, with huge fines, where they belong. Anyone that can hurt a poor innocent animal is clearly a psychopath and must be stopped.

  2. I can only hope that someone bigger and meaner then this idiot would beat and slam him to the ground. Then put him in a cell with a animal loving person and hope that he gets more of the same done to him. Society MUST rid itself of these monsters.

  3. michelle taylor says:

    Give me 5 minutes with this vile dog abusing POS.I will ensure that this bastard will be incapable of ever hurting an innocent again!!!!

  4. Natasha polychuk says:

    i’ll fuckin kill that poece of shit!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. brenda boutin says:

    Pooor Baabe anger issues. Idiot needs to be doped up and locked up at least for 5 yrs.

  6. Cyndi Palmer says:

    If our officials do not take the rampant animal abuse in this country seriously… They are allowing these monsters to walk among us only to commit these horrific crimes again and again and one day an unstable person like this will turn to humans!! Wake up judicial system!! Lock these monsters up!!!!!! Poor innocent dog.. There is NOTHING that can make this type or any type of abuse ok!!!! I pray that Furbaby is ok!!!!

  7. Attorney Lyness, I am an attorney as well. In 26 years of practice, a good portion of which has been spent in pro bono efforts for animal welfare charities, I have never seen someone like this rehabilitate. The only thing that will make an impression on him is to incarcerate for the max – and set an example that animals are not to be abused in any way and if it happens, severe punishment will result. Please take swift and decisive action here.

  8. Iowa needs tougher laws concerning violent criminals! This moron of a man beat this dog and it was recorded on tape. NOT the first beating as you see how the dog reacts in the sickening video of this idiot mans rage! Sick violent criminals with uncontrolled rage need to be locked up. I will also bet this is not this asshats first encounter with the law! Jail violent criminals! Here is the info from the Iowa mug shot report!! And they gave the F ing nerve to say it was unprovoked abuse… Like the poor dog could ever have done ANYTHING to deserve to be beaten!!! What sick sick thinking!M
    Police: Witness video shows IC man abusing dog

    An Iowa City man faces an Animal Neglect charge after being recorded abusing a dog.

    Witnesses claim to have seen 53-year-old John Fredericks of Camden Road abusing the dog without justification in the 200 block of Camden Road. One witness told police Fredericks grabbed the dog by the collar and slammed it to the ground. He then allegedly struck the dog multiple times.

    A witness recorded part of the abuse and the arresting officer says the video shows Fredericks hitting the dog while it is on the ground and appears to be a non-threat to Fredericks.

  9. Michael Gurwitz says:

    Here is a man that all of us could do without. He belongs in a cage.

  10. What a sick sick narrative! Beats the dog without justification!!! What sicko thinks there is EVER a reason to beat an animal!!! This was this mans pet!! For Gods sake why would this out of control raging asshat have a pet???? You should treat this sick human with no impulse control and raging anger like the violent criminal he is and lock IT up and treated for IT for mental illness!

    • No Daniel, don’t waste MY taxpayer dollars giving this sick demon three square meals a day, casual therapy sessions and a bed to sleep in! He deserves to be ten feet under!!! Society would be so much better off without scum like this walking our streets and breathing our air!

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