Save Bees From Highly Toxic Pesticides

Target: President Obama
Goal: Save bees from toxic bee-killing pesticides.

Bee populations are plummeting. And scientists are pointing to toxic bee-killing pesticides known as neonicotinoids as a cause.

We’re fighting in court and partnering with other groups to demand action now to save bees, but we need your help.

Join us and 4 million Americans to tell President Obama to suspend the use of toxic bee-killing pesticides now!

These pesticides make the whole plant poisonous to insects, including the nectar and pollen, which bees eat. At miniscule doses the pesticides can kill bees outright, but even at doses that may not kill immediately, they impair bees’ ability to breed, forage, fight disease, and survive the winter.

Nearly one-third of our crops—including many vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds—depend on bees for pollination.

We cannot delay action any longer.


Dear President Obama,

I am writing to urge you to ban neonicotinoids and save bees now!
Bees are facing many challenges, including habitat loss, pathogens, and pesticide exposure. A mounting body of scientific evidence points to one class of systemic insecticides–neonicotinoids–as a key factor in bee declines.

A new meta-analysis of 800 peer-reviewed studies, released by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Task Force on Systemic Pesticides–an international group of independent scientists–is calling for action to restrict the use of neonics.

This class of insecticides can kill bees outright, and even at sublethal doses can impair bees’ brain function and suppress their immune systems– making them more susceptible to diseases, pests, and other stressors.
This problem is urgent. Beekeepers report continuing unsustainable losses, and many have gone out of business. The EPA’s plan to complete its review of neonicotinoids by 2016 to 2019 is not an acceptable timetable for beekeepers or for our food security.

As the new interagency Pollinator Health Task Force finalizes strategies to best safeguard bee populations, we urge you to listen to the growing body of science that tells us we need to ban this class of pesticides. Neonicontinoids are a key part of the problem and need to be tackled head-on.

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  1. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  2. To Jean Cllelland-Morin, NO< humans have interacted with bees to raise them and protect them from predators since prehistoric times….that is not the problem or the issue.

    Going vegan also into a factor, since honey IS a vegetarian food, not sure if its considered vegan, but that is also not the point.

    The point is the new pesticides which have killed off 90% of the bees….including bees in hives "owned" by bee keepers. Bee keepers are NOT the "bad guys" here.

  3. B. Brinck, Lohmar says:

    Sept. 2, 2016
    SOUTH CAROLINA: Summerville & other villages of Dorchester County

    2.5 millions of BEES have been killed after authorities spread the poison NALED over this region via airplanes. People are speaking about an outcome like an atomic bomb. NALED is not only killing mosquitoes, but birds and fishes as well. Forbidden in Germany because of this, autorities in SC ignored the high poisonous effect and only warned people through the press.

    After this fatal impact, the responsible people made an official apology, but high damage is done!


  4. Jeannette Stenberg says:

    Se must save the beens. Sithout them there sill not be any life!!!

  5. The evidence is overwhelming against these toxic pesticides! Other countries realize this and have banned them.

    The problem is Monsanto money and power, Bayer and other chemical corps. As GMO seeds increase, so does the “Round-Up”!

    This is a serious problem being ignored, as are so many environmental and wildlife issues. These pesticides are destroying everything, including our food. They are found in the bodies of humans (including children) as we consume increasingly highly-sprayed crops. We need pollinators, not herbicides that are creating “superweeds”!

    The EPA is stalling. Other countries that want further (unnecessary) research are banning the pesticide usage. The U.S. is allowing usage to continue, even increase, while, supposedly, researching toxicity! This is stupid and dangerous to all living beings and our earth!

    It is all about corruption and MONEY!

    Obama MUST act, now, and listen to the science, before he leaves office!

  6. michael guest says:

    Enough is enough! We are fed up with these harmful pesticides that have caused many, many deaths to the bees. We won’t stand for any more delays or inaction! All toxic chemicals need to be banned for good! Please do the right thing and save the bees before it’s too late now!

  7. John Riggins says:

    The stupidity and shortsightedness of these greedy feckers is absolutely astonishing and astounding, I simply cannot believe that they want to destroy our planet the only one we have to satiate their collective greed for wealth!

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      John, don’t even try to understand or fathom the reasoning. Trust me if we did, we would all go insane. They have money for breakfast, lunch and tea, and blinded by greed! Ethics have gone out the window, and their brain was left in the deep freeze! I swear.
      Seriously this must stop of yesterday right around the planet…or we all die! So simple, but they don’t get it?

  8. Anita Culling says:

    Save Bees

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