Ban the Sale of Deadly Rat Poisons

Mouse_by_James Gathany

Target: United States Senator David Vitter, Louisiana

Goal: Ban the sale of inhumane household poisons designed to kill rodents.

Despite there being far better ways to remove rodents from the home, people are still relying on fatal poisons to rid their homes of mice and rats. This is not only unfair to the living creatures who suffer and die from ingesting these, but dangerous to small children and other household pets. Tablets can easily be mistaken for candy or treats, while sprays contain toxins that pollute the air and can do damage to the lungs if breathed in too much. In addition, many of the poisons come in aerosol cans, which cause air pollution and are dangerous if exposed to heat.

There is no valid reason to kill rodents so horribly. They mean no harm and are not malicious creatures, their natural instinct is to forage for food during the cold weather so that they can survive. We may not want them in our homes, but that does not give us the right to take their lives. Additionally, such poisons serve no other purpose beyond negative impacts on the environment and dangers to small children and pets. We should stop producing and selling them, and encourage the switch to humane trap-and-release methods to remove mice and rats from our homes.

Mice and rats are living beings, just like any human or animal, and they do not deserve to have their lives ended through the slow suffering of man-made poisons that are also dangerous to humans and other animals. Sign this petition to demand the ban of household poisons for the good of all animals and humans.


Dear Senator Vitter,

Household poisons used to kill rodents are not only inhumane methods of pest control, but dangerous to other pets and small children. They are harmful to the environment, especially the sprays that come in aerosol cans, and poisoning is a slow and painful method of death for a small animal.

We must phase out these dangerous “solutions” to household pests and switch to more humane methods of removing mice and rats from our homes. These animals mean no true harm, they simply forage for crumbs and seek warm places during the cold months. They may not be welcome in our homes, but it is far more humane (not to mention safer for our environment) to release them back into the wild than to trick them into poison-filled traps.

Please push for the cessation of the sale of household poisons and encourage humane trapping methods instead, for the sake of all living creatures. Protect children and pets from accidental ingestion and inhalation of toxic chemicals.


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Photo Credit: James Gathany

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One Comment

  1. Sara Smith says:

    Well said, that petitioner. I just wish more people would drop their prejudice against these animals. Just because some look on them as “pests” it seems any cruel method of getting rid of them is acceptable and this is not right or compassionate. I often wonder why the anti-cruelty societies have not taken this up before now. They seem very selective when it comes to classifying what situations are “cruel to animals”..laboratories and slaughterhouses spring to mind, and any form of hunting too. These activities seem to be exempt.

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