Demand Humane Treatment for America’s Wild Horses

Horse by Hilary Halliwell

Target: Neil Kornze, Director, Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Implement a safer and less invasive alternative to the surgical sterilization of wild horses.

An animal welfare group is alleging that current sterilization programs for wild horses in federal lands are unnecessarily cruel and can result in death. In a lawsuit, Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER) accused the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) of using experimental sterilization procedures on the animals in an effort to control their population. The group reports that the procedures, which include removing horses’ ovaries or burning their Fallopian tubes with a laser, are extremely invasive and risky.

BLM is currently struggling to contain the overpopulation of horse and burro herds in federal lands. It is reported that some areas have up to six times more animals than can be sustained on the land long-term. This issue is compounded by the animals’ quick reproduction rate, which can see the size of a herd doubled in only five years. In order to save the animals from the perils of overcrowding, which include lack of food and excessive aggression, population control is necessary.

While population control is needed, these alleged experimental procedures are not. There are several non-invasive birth control options, such as the immunocontraceptive vaccine known as PZP, openly available to the BLM. In order to ensure the welfare of America’s wild horses and burros, BLM must stop its alleged unnecessary cruelty. Sign the petition below to demand that safer and less invasive contraception methods are implemented for wild equines.


Dear Mr. Kornze,

Wild horses and burros are allegedly being subjected to invasive and experimental sterilization procedures, which include the removal of the ovaries and the burning of the Fallopian tubes with lasers. This type of sterilization poses unnecessary health risks and increases recovery time. While the overpopulation of equine species on federal lands is an issue that must be addressed, more humane options such as the contraceptive vaccine PZP, would be much better suited to this task.

In order to stop the mass-scale animal cruelty that rights group Front Range Equine Rescue alleges, we must turn to more modern options for population control. We, the undersigned, urge you to explore more humane options such as PZP to control the population of wild horses on federal lands.


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Photo credit: Hilary Halliwell

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  1. This entire plan of sterilization is filled with huge gaps. Use on domestic horses where there is long term control and monitoring is not yet perfected.
    So, BLM is doing this in unsterile, no pain meds, released where horses could bleed to death, have complications, abort fetuses. I find this a disgusting decision using public tax payer money for a program fraught with
    violations of existing laws. More people should read more about how BLM is
    managing this country’s wild horses and burros. You would not be pleased.

  2. Lleyn Moss says:

    Thank U,Lee-for Ur Intelligent Description of BLM’s Deliberately Calculated Cruel Practices of Our Country’s Wild Horses! The BLM would not like to have their Fallopian Tubes BURNED, so why do they think any other Sentient Being would-as Wild Horses?!!! This Animal Genocide being Fostered on All Animals is Fascist! Bringing Down LOVE, which Animals R-100,000 Times More Than Humans-is Resulting in Further Human Depravity! “Systemic Psychotic Incompetence” has replaced KINDNESS, Compassion, Decency, & now it appears-even being Civilized! Look into Ur Hearts, BLM;Look @ Urselves in the Mirror! Only Cowards carry on Ur Behaviors! Is this how U wish to be Identified-as Cowards-as Shirkers of Loving Accountability?! Keep Looking in the Mirror, BLM-until the Face that Looks Back @ U – Looks Back w/LOVE!!! Then U Will Treat America’s Wild Horses in Kind! Namaste!

  3. BLM hace un manejo de nuestros caballos cruel, terriblemente cruel; esto es un absurdo abuso y tortura de caballos y burros por el invasivo y voraz comercio de la carne y las pieles. Son secuestros tiranos de animales de la naturaleza, lo que provoca la destrucción de su hábitat. Las familias son violentamente separadas y las yeguas practicamente son violadas por tubos de fierro mediante métodos primitivos de esterilización. No podemos seguir tolerando este abuso, las leyes deben ser radicales y determinantes para castigar estas terribles acciones. No más secuestros brutales de la naturaleza.

  4. Beth Knafla says:

    Why isn’t the BLM abolished! Contact legislation now.

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