Justice for Horse Allegedly Beaten to Death by Two Men


Target: Christopher McKim, Ephrata, PA’s Police Lieutenant

Goal: Charge men with animal cruelty for allegedly beating a collapsed horse to death.

A horse reportedly had to be euthanized after collapsing and being beaten by two men. The horse was carrying a wagon full of watermelons when witnesses say a man injured it, causing the animal to collapse on a highway. Bystanders also saw two men beat the horse after it fell to the ground. Police believed the horse had overheated, so they had firefighters spray it with water with no success. The horse lost its life thanks to possible mistreatment and cruelty.

Police say that the horse’s owner may face animal cruelty charges, but none have been filed. It’s a shame that people can brutally beat an innocent animal in public and still not be charged and punished for it. Demand that the authorities show zero tolerance for what these men allegedly did and charge them with animal cruelty immediately.


Dear Mr. McKim,

A horse was reportedly carrying a wagon of watermelons when it collapsed and was beaten by two men. The poor animal had to be euthanized after the incident.

Despite witnesses saying that they saw the horse being beaten, animal cruelty charges have yet to be filed. These men must be punished harshly if they contributed to the poor animal’s death. We demand that you show zero tolerance for animal cruelty and charge these men, if found guilty.


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Photo credit: Dennis Jarvis

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  1. Linda Terrell says:

    It is absolutely time that in this case and EVERY case of animal cruelty or abuse be meet with ZERO tolerance!No living breathing being should come to harm by anyone’s hands or action or in action.
    We must also lobby our legislators to strengthen these laws making prosecution easier and penalties much more severe. If one can not respect an animal what makes us think they will be any different to a human?!

  2. Malcolm Booth says:

    Please file charges and do what you can to get a conviction. This behavior should not go unpunished and the message needs to be sent to the wider public that it will not be tolerated.


  3. Why have charges not been filed!?!
    Authorities are saying they condone these barbaric actions by not filing charges!

  4. Damned cowards

  5. Angela Rabon says:

    Animal cruelty charges MUST BE FILED against these two jerks who beat this pitiful overheated horse. She was working as hard as she could but that wasn’t good enough for the animal abusers. Witnesses SAW THE MAN INJURE HER, then she hit the ground, where THEY BEAT HER TO DEATH!!!! What more evidence do you need to file charges against these two jerks? Enforce the law with maximum penalties!! If ever two people deserve it, they do!!

    • The evil abusers/killers deserve the EXACT same things done back to them! They are pieces of filthy garbage and don’t deserve to breathe for one more second on this planet! Why waste air on them? Hope they go to hell!

  6. Nancy Boyd says:

    Why did the people not intervene when they saw this happening? They are just as guilty! I could never stand by and see any animal beaten!!!!

    • Shiela Smith says:

      A girl did intervene. She phoned the police and the police and firefighters responded!
      Maybe you all need to get the whole story before you condemn people!:

      • Rhiannon Carroll says:

        I think Sheila meant why didnt they get out of the car (which I would have done) and actually stop this guy from beating the horse anymore,thats just me anyway Im a MAJOR animal lover and would have jumped between that guy and the horse even fist fight him if I had to maybe beat him w/something I had in the car if he didnt stop but I think if someone got out screamed in his face he wld have backed off until police arrived maybe could have saved the horse-coulda shoulda woulda-@least she reported him just the embarrassment alone how does he even show his face?

  7. Sickest of the sick! Two people engaged in violence together the most scary sick type of psychopaths. You have some very very dangerous criminals here check the crawl space at their house and see if every child that was born to them is alive. Criminals carrying out violence against an innocent creature. The FBIs text book nightmare. Rory these two to the FBI. You have a very serious problem with these two. Killers on the loose!!

  8. Sherry Jackson says:

    They need to go to jail for a long time. Stop pulling this stupid religion card. Who the hell works in the heat with horses anymore? Get with the times and buy a truck and trailer. We as a society need to push these people to get it together

  9. This poor horse should have had a great life with people who loved and cared for her, these bastards have to be brought up on charges, prosecuted, and sent to prison where they can be beaten every day of their lives. Animal abuse has to stop worldwide, treat them with the respect they deserve.

  10. Edyth C Jackson says:

    Horse spirit probably already broken. I am sure probably been hit before and this episode was the last straw. Had no will to live. Animals are similar to humans. Probably did not feel love either. When your spirit is broken you give up especially if you have no reason to fight to live. I am animal lover who ALWAYS be signing petitions for Animal Cruelty plus they have rights also.

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