Apologize for Advocating Cruelly Produced Veal


Target: Matt Baker, host of Countryfile

Goal: Publicly apologize for encouraging viewers to barbecue and eat veal and promote humane food instead.

A television show presenter must apologize for encouraging viewers to buy and eat the product of extreme animal cruelty. The Summer Special of the BBC’s countryside living show “Countryfile” saw host Matt Baker advocate the consumption of veal for viewers’ summer barbecues. In a tragic show of his lack of compassion for living creatures, Baker said to his audience, “It’s an untapped resource and if you’re drinking milk, you should be eating veal, because these cows have no real purpose other than veal.”

Unfortunately, the disturbing logic behind this heartless statement is correct. Male calves are useless to the dairy industry and are therefore ripped from their mothers shortly after birth and sent to slaughter to be processed into veal. Sadly, despite knowing the unbearable cruelty these animals endure, Baker still incites people to fund the horrific large-scale abuse and slaughter of innocent sentient beings. Instead, he could be using his position to advocate cruelty-free, ecologically sound and sustainable foods.

Sign this petition urging Matt Baker to publicly apologize for urging his audience to purchase a product as cruelly obtained as veal and advocate a cruelty-free plant-based diet instead.


Dear Mr. Baker,

You have received strong criticism for advocating the consumption of veal on Countryfile’s Summer Special, and rightly so. While your statement that calves are useless to the dairy industry is sadly correct, this fact is not a reason to promote the horrific cruelty these animals endure for veal to be produced. Calves are torn from their mothers and slaughtered at just a few days old so that their flesh can be consumed. These innocent sentient creatures deserve better.

Rather than promote animal abuse and an ecologically destructive industry, please use your position as a television host to advocate cruelty-free and sustainable plant-based foods instead.


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Photo credit: Jim Champion

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  1. Leave these babies with their moms, stop pulling them away, this is cruel and heartless, these babies should be free and happy. Stop eating veal worldwide.

  2. Amanda Brown says:

    You make me sick

  3. Elizabeth monaghan says:

    Humans at their worst barbaric cruelty!

  4. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Wow, what a lousy human being this guy is. How about NOT eating an animals at all?????

  5. Has this man no compassion for these innocent and helpless victims of the cruel dairy industry?

  6. Linda Amundson says:

    Never heard of this guy before today. I guess Matt Baker’s “real purpose” is to be an ignorant fool, at best. What a loser.

    I doubt he’s man enough to apologize, either.

  7. Carolyn Taylor says:

    People need to know what veal is and how it’s produced. Veal production must be stopped. How cruel are humans to crate up a baby separated from it’s mother and not allow it to move around so it’s meat is tender. This practice must be stopped, now. Why are baby cows allowed to be tortured and abused like this? It’s wrong. Duh! Humans suck.

  8. Cynthia Gannon says:

    What an arrogant prat Matt Baker has shown himself to be. …. I hope they kick him off the show.

  9. Mary Martin says:

    seriously all he has to do is apoligize? He should have his job taken away from him cause hes a dumb ass! cows have no other purpose! Please change it so we can sign so he gets taken off i dont think an appolgy is good enough im still pissed i even e-mailed the station and told them to get rid of him!

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