Save Gorillas From Extinction


Target: Michael Bauer, Chief Financial Officer of the World Wildlife Fund

Goal: Protect the western lowland gorilla from extinction.

The western lowland gorilla is on the critically endangered list despite being the most widespread and numerous species of gorilla on the planet. Their endangered status is not only dangerous to the subspecies, but to the gorilla family as a whole; if a species this widespread can be in trouble, other breeds of gorilla are in even worse distress.

Western lowland gorillas are not just innocent living creatures that don’t deserve to die, but they are vital to the environment. These gorillas are seed spreaders, which is beneficial to many other species in the forests. Without these animals to spread seeds that will grow into food sources and habitats for other animals, the whole ecosystem could collapse in little time.

There are many factors in the species’ decline. Their habitat is being torn down to make room for the expanding human population; people are taking the land to build houses and businesses, or to build farms with large spaces for grazing. The trees are cut down to make paper and logs, and climate change brings in dry seasons in which very little fruit is borne, fruit being a major part of the gorilla’s diet. The gorillas themselves are hunted for their meat. In addition, gorillas are susceptible to diseases such as the Ebola virus, HIV/AIDS and heart disease.

We must take steps now to prevent the further decline of this species. It may take years for the species to begin to repopulate, but we can help it happen sooner by issuing stronger protection of these gorillas. Sign this petition to help save this important species from being completely wiped out.


Dear Mr. Bauer,

Western lowland gorillas are critically endangered, on the brink of extinction. They are being hunted for their meat, exposed to fatal diseases and being robbed of their homes by loggers, farmers and businessmen looking for places to build settlements and businesses for the growing human population or grazing areas for their livestock.

Not only is this a possibly tragic loss of an incredible species, but it will usher in the collapse of an entire ecosystem. Gorillas spread seeds that grow into food sources and habitats for other animals; without them, these animals will starve to death in no time.

We must protect these animals from dying out completely. Please implement and enforce stronger protection of this species so that it may have the chance to survive and repopulate over time.


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Photo Credit: Greg Hume

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  1. Everything must be done to prevent destruction of species and of delicate eco-systems. We are merely custodians of this earth and must do all in our power to protect our fellow creatures. Every signature brings us one step closer to victory!

  2. Bev Woodburn says:

    No Wildlife or any animal is safe from the vile and sadistic human species.
    The heartless human species is responsible for all the extinction of helpless animals Worldwide.
    So please protect the western lowland gorilla from extinction as well as all the other precious animals that are on the verge of extinction?
    The heartless human species. It’s a pity the subhuman lowlife monsters who are responsible for all these atrocities committed against the innocent,they should be eradicated from this Planet.

  3. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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