Protect Endangered Leopards from Trophy Hunting


Target: Dan Ashe, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Protect leopards from trophy hunting by classifying them as endangered to make the import of their body parts illegal.

Legislation is urgently needed to curb the significant import of leopard parts killed by American hunters into the United States. Conservationists are calling for all leopards to be classified as endangered, in order to stop hunters from bringing home their parts as “trophies” from hunting trips to Africa. Data shows that U.S. trophy hunters imported the parts of 5,575 killed leopards over just one decade. These parts include the skulls, paws or skins of animals murdered for the hunters’ personal enjoyment.

The populations of wild leopards across Africa and Asia have “declined substantially,” according to experts, and the species’ survival is being risked by “Americans engaging in unsustainable trophy hunting and international trade of African leopards.” The U.S. government must urgently step up and do its part to conserve this magnificent and important species.

Sign this petition asking for all leopards to be classified as endangered, in order to protect them from extinction and save them from being needlessly murdered by trophy hunters.


Dear Mr. Ashe,

Leopards are under conservation threat, chiefly because of American hunters killing them and bringing home their parts as “trophies.” This practice must urgently be made illegal, by classifying all leopards as endangered. Indeed, U.S. hunters imported the parts of 5,575 leopards between 2005 and 2014 and their numbers are declining substantially.

In fact, experts note that American trophy hunters play a huge part in threatening the species’ survival. The U.S. must urgently protect leopards in order to save them from extinction and curb the cruel and unsustainable practice of hunting them for sport. Please classify all leopards as endangered in order to curtail the threat to their survival.


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  1. Wendy Morrison says:

    All leopards along with all other wild animals definitely need protection from being killed!!!!!

  2. Guillaume LAURENCIN says:

    Shoot the hunters instead…

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    Hunters are nothing but cowardly murderers of innocent animals. Leave the animals alone and let them live in peace and safety.

  4. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Dan Ashe has been wined and dined by Safari Club International. I doubt that he will do his job. He is for sale.

  5. Debra Moody says:

    Dan Ashe,Stop The Killing of red wolves and their pups and keep them on the recovery program that was working. The Endangered Species Act is under attack and you can help stop that. Leopards need to be on the endangered species list and all trophy hunting needs to be banned. Protecting animals should be your first priority especially the precious endangered ones.

  6. Catherine Dugan says:

    Hunting should be against the law! Let these animals live their lives without fear of being hunted and killed! They deserve to live their lives, like humans are!

  7. Celeste H. says:

    All trophy hunting needs to be made illegal — I can’t believe that in 2016, on planet Earth, we still have to worry about wild
    animals being endangered or near-extinct from poaching and trophy
    hunting! It simply should not be tolerated by any country’s gov-
    ernment, and if federal laws cannot make it illegal everywhere,
    then the United Nations or some higher authority needs to step
    in… There are some laws that our entire world needs to abide
    by, and we need someone (or several groups) to enforce those

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:


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