Find Criminals Who Stuck Puppies to Ground With Hot Tar

Target: Bogdan Despescu, General Inspector of the Romanian National Police

Goal: Find and severely punish whoever is responsible for covering dogs in hot tar.

Four puppies were found covered in hot tar. The dogs were said to be in critical condition and were taken to a veterinarian for treatment. Images, released through the media, show the poor dogs lying helplessly on the ground as the hot sun beats down on them.

Animal activists believe this is a case of sick animal torture because it is the second time puppies have been found covered in tar. In the first case, the veterinarian said that one of the puppies had tar inside of his nose, mouth, and eyes.

Please add your signature to this petition demanding that the authorities use all resources necessary to find the monster, or monsters, responsible for torturing these puppy dogs and bring them to justice.


Dear Mr. Despescu,

Four puppies were found covered in hot tar and stuck to the ground. This is the second time this has occurred, so it’s clear that some demented individual is going around and senselessly torturing innocent animals.

The evil acts being committed against innocent animals in your area must stop. We demand that you do everything in your power to find whoever is tormenting these dogs and ensure that they receive the most severe penalty possible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Karel Seidl

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  1. People treat animals like they matter in society. Fuck all animals and fuck those puppies die bitches die!

    • Christina Lang says:

      They do matter !! Why dont we tar you and put out in the hot desert and see how you like it!!

    • Teagan Kelly says:

      fuck you. Dogs are living beings just like you, but there is a difference. Dogs have hearts.

    • Youre a sick person. Hopefully you dont have kids

    • Wednesdayaddams says:

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    • R u fucking serious!? You are a psychopath and should not be allowed to live on this earth. For you to wish death upon animals I honestly hope someone kills you. My dogs are my children and they matter! Lives matter, especially when my dogs are more compassionate and loving than you!

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    • Fuck willis says:

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    • Hey will, i guarantee theyll matter to collective society more then you ever will.

    • Carol Rossmann says:

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    • Anthony Ridener says:

      They do matter and individuals who are like you don’t matter. You don’t deserve a spot here on Earth or the air you freely breath. YOU’RE SCUM, I definitely would love to say it to your face followed up with a nice chunky and green honker.

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    • You're sick! says:

      You’re sick! They are basically little humans and you want them to die? How could you even say that like seriously do you not have a family or friends that are HUMAN? You basically want to kill them too huh? People like you should be touted and stuck to the ground in hot tar with the damn sun beating down on you, how would you like it? Animals do matter greatfully in society thank you very much!! It was probably you who did this to them you psycho asshole!

    • What happened to you as a child?

    • Wow someone needs to tar you to the ground by your mouth

    • When you emerge from your ignorance, you’ll realize that humans brought dogs into our society, domesticated them and subsequently humanized them. It may take more than two or three brain cells, so go slowly. We are responsible to defend them, to feed them and to love them. You, on the other hand, are on your own.

      • Lisa Wills-Schick says:

        Well said! Nicer than what I wrote that’s for sure.

      • Very well put! I think maybe they’re jealous because dogs have more compassion in them than they have in their fingertip! Maybe they could learn a little something from the dogs.

    • Jodie hamilton says:

      STFU LOSER! Obviously you have Mommy issues or maybe an insestuous relationship with your father? Only that would explain such a remark. You need counselling!

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    • Wills,

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      Just my opinion of course.
      Now, be a good boy and jog on…

      • Madd Hatter says:

        Jesus loves you!

        • Madd Hatter is Delusional says:

          Really? “Jesus loves you!” That’s the best that you can offer? First off, I am not a believer of jesus as I am pretty certain ALL religion is made up! But, let’s say for a second that you’re right and religion and christ and easter bunnies and santa are all real, do you sincerely believe that your so-called savior would begin love someone who spewed that kind of vulgarity at another fellow human; regardless of whether it was proked, or deserved? Yeah, Iam sure that your a pro-trump person because only those kinds of loser would believe that jesus would love a hate-filled speech!

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      Do you know what Love is?
      I wonder do you even have a heart?

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    • Lisa Wills-Schick says:

      For all we know you are the sick son of a bitch that did this. Someone ought to tar your ass the ground and leave you there. Animals breathe, eat, sleep and shit just like you do the only difference is, they have a heart. How can you be so heartless? Would you tar your kids to the ground because they don’t have a place in society? You’re an ass!

      • Madd Hatter is Delusional says:

        Wow, all you people who call yourselves animal lovers and kind and caring people but this is the language you all offer to a guy who was probably trying to bait you all to begin with. This guys is sitting back looking at all this and laughing at his handywork. And he’s right, he should be laughing! He set out to prove that all the so-called kind and gentle animal lovers are anything but all that and he has! All you people wishing death and destruction onto this guy are no better than he is!

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    • Christopher gross says:

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    • Ashley Cofer says:

      This guy is a sociopath. I wish I could find him and tar his ass to the ground and then sit back and watch him die slowly.

    • None of your business says:

      Willis, I hope someone pours hot tar on your Dick and shoves it down your throat!

    • Linda Holmberg says:

      You don’t matter in society , animals do .
      He’ll is waiting for you , so goooooo.

    • Vasilis Tsoukis says:

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    • Mary Smythe says:


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    • It’s not fair to say that about all animals only the vicious ones I have a small dog but I hate pit bulls and others of that nature so fuck those oh well

    • Diana Morneau says:

      Just stay off of these sites. You go on them & say the most ignorant…stupid remarks a human can say just to get your tiny rocks off with people who actually have a heart & feel compassion. You really should try it sometimes otherwise you’re just a little puppet for the devil. Jerk.

    • Gimme your address Willis…animals matter more than the human race; I’d like to educate you on this subject.

    • Teri Frass says:

      Willis, you are unwise to think that society itself is the only thing that matters. Only a foolish society will hold such a belief.

  2. Mahea Diaz says:

    Cruelty to animals is another way of expressing a subject of hate, on top of vengence. Whether it be towards
    Relationships between families, relatives, a job, even as simple as a turned down. Humans have a an indestructible inside when the idea of hurting someone or someting becomes irrelevant to what is life and what matters.this is the sign of a demon.

  3. Now this is really sad – & whoever did this needs their behinds whooped. But when are humans gonna really start protecting HUMANS from other humans. There was a time when PEOPLE were actually being tarred & feathered by the same people that just LOVED their pets. In a lot cases, people seem to care more about animals than they do other human beings. *yall can read as deep into this as you want to*

  4. Let’s not make this post about that worthless piece of shit. Them poor dogs. I would quite happily do this to the culprits

  5. Sadly Mr. Will did exactly what he intended to do. Although I completely agree with all the comments, ( especially the green slime spit ball in his face… not the exact words) but nothing here has been done but entertaining the psycho he is… he got a rise which was his intentions…

  6. Rosemary Hackney says:

    It has to be someone working on a road crew that repairs potholes or paves roads. Or roofers. Anyone with ready access to hot tar. See what crews were working in the area at the time. Or who was hauling the hot asphalt or tar. There is your pervert.

  7. why could anyone treat animals like thia



  10. Monica T Curenton says:

    Willis did you put the puppies in’Hot Tar The Devil Is A Liar Willis and Hell is Hotter Karma is real

  11. Find this scumbag and hot tar them to the ground for a few days. Then court them off for a VERY LONG sentence. NO PAROLE! Their heart is blacker than that tar!
    This is disgusting. Why do people abuse animals so often? Is it because they are loving? You punks need to go fight a man your size. Probably couldn’t . Punks.

  12. Marsha Squibb says:

    Wrong wrong so wrong.Same should be done to them.Not surprised tho,they lock children up in cribs in horrible orphanages with no chance of adoption …truly horrible people and country

  13. What the f*ck. This is like something out of a goddamn horror movie, except done to animals instead of humans (which makes it far worse in my eyes). I can’t even fathom how anyone could lay hands on a puppy and then do this to them, you’d have to be really heartless. No jail time is deserved for this, only death, or perhaps this same treatment.

  14. L’essere umano è in assoluto l’animale capace di maggior depravazione, cattiveria e violenza su questo pianeta.
    Meriterebbe di estinguersi.


  16. This petition site is a demented site with the horror stories they print after the fact w/ no hope of recourse.

  17. Sandra Amici says:

    Find this savage serial killer before he kills more animals or people!!! Then, tar him and leave him chained on the ground!!

  18. michelle taylor says:

    I want to meet the bastard face to face who did this.I would ensure that these scumbags are wiped off the planet and used as fertilizer.Oh yesssss!

  19. Shona Miller says:

    Sick as fuck!!!

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