Punish Woman Accused of Throwing Kittens Like a ‘Baseball’ in Drunken Rage


Target: Kurt Asbury, Bay County prosecutor

Goal: Push for severe penalty for woman who allegedly tried killing kittens in drunken rage.

A woman reportedly threw newborn kittens and their mother into the street in an attempt to kill them. She whipped the mother cat, according to witnesses, who described hearing a “smack” as the poor cats were hurled across the road. When officers arrived, they say the woman, 34-year-old Lacey Williams, was pacing in the yard and yelling at her neighbor.

Williams, who appeared highly intoxicated, told officers “I just threw some little kittens out. I gave them their litter,” and asked if they wanted to pay for them. During her belligerent rage, Williams also smashed the windows out of two vehicles with a brick. She told officers that she could do whatever she wanted at her own home, according to reports.

Williams was ordered not to have any contact with any of her pets as part of her bond, but they could still end up back in her care in the future. Sign this petition to demand that Williams be severely punished and permanently banned from owning animals.


Dear Mr. Asbury,

A woman reportedly whipped a mother cat, then threw her, along with her litter of kittens into the street. It seems this violent woman intended to murder the poor animals, but they survived.

It takes a heartless person to treat animals so cruelly, especially with witnesses around. We urge you to help ensure that this woman is harshly punished and banned from owning any animals, including the ones she had at the time of her arrest.


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Photo credit: Bay County Police Department

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  1. Mrs Truthful says:

    Wish ppl were so outraged at all the INNOCENT BLACK LIVES that has been taken bc of the color of there skin. Animals get better treatment then BLACK FOLK.”CIVILIZED SOCIETY”, when? SLAVERY? Jim Crow? Segregation? Etc. Is that when AmeriKKKa was CIVILIZED?

    • Cyndi Palmer says:

      Mrs. “Truthful ” Oh come on!!! This is completely different!! There is no way you can compare the two! Have you ever read about the horrific ways people TORTURE innocent animals? They have NO VOICE and those of us who care deeply about animals have to be their voice!!! That is NOT to say we can’t care about humans as well!

      You are out of line here! ? Besides… The more I know about people, the more I love my animals! ALL LIVES MATTER! Period.

      • Most of the time I’m against animal rights activist. Because I feel there is no balance however. Your particular comment I agree with 100% and just like you the more comments I see like Mr.truthful the closer I get to animals 🙂

    • We aren’t talking about black lives right now. We are talking about a mother cat and her kittens. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel bad about black lives. They are killing each other. Slavery is way in the past.

  2. Mrs Truthful says:

    Wish more PPL cared about the treatment of other HUMAN BEINGS as much as they do about animal lives. If they did then we wouldn’t have starving children, injustice everywhere, poverty etc.

    • Maureen Downs says:

      I care about people and animals and sign petitions for everything from animal cruelty, slavery yes it still exists. There are children and adults kept like prisoners to make clothes for companies like GAP etc. Also I sign petitions regarding climate change which affects everyone in the world. Please check records which show a lot of murderers and abusers start with torturing and killing animals then move on to humans. So they should be stopped. We do care about black lives I think some of the police who are armed still think they are living in the Wild West and are nothing more than gunslingers.

    • Maria Mahyorova says:

      Why? You think you’re way more valuable than an animal? Just because you’re of the same species? That’s how racists think: “we must care about whites more than about others because they are of the same race”. Get out of here, nazi.

    • As I said at this moment we are talking about a mother cat and her kittens.

  3. Cyndi Palmer says:

    This monster SHOULD NEVER, EVER have ANY animals in her care! She should be in jail!!! Sick, disgusting excuse for a human being!!!!

    Those poor kitties…?

  4. Kathie Jones says:

    This is Felony Animal Abuse! Uphold the law!!

  5. Christi-Ane Vanhoutte says:

    We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals-
    Immanual Kant

    • Kathryn Carson says:

      I once read that these 3 attributes can define a person: how well one gives directions; if one reads comics or the comics section of a newspaper; and how one treats animals.

  6. Cynthia Gannon says:

    Mrs. Truthful . This is not about a people or race issue. Those issues can be addressed in a separate discussion. Let’s stick to the point that a case of severe animal abuse happened. This woman should be very much punished for mistreating her animals. As this is an animal petition let us stick to the point and not wander down every injustice that human beings have, and continue to inflict on each other.

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