Punish Man Accused of Allowing Horses to Starve


Target: Gary Stiles, Fulton County, Georgia Chief of Police

Goal: Seek the harshest penalty possible for man who allegedly starved horses to death.

Eight horses were reportedly found barely alive alongside four that were already dead. Some of the poor animals were found starving and one partially burned, according to officers. Authorities say the eight surviving horses are being taken for treatment in hopes that they will recover. The owner, Brannu Fulton has been charged with animal cruelty.

It’s a tragedy that these innocent animals lost their lives when the owner could have given them away if he was unable to care for them. Instead, it seems he chose to watch them starve to death. Please add your signature to this petition to demand justice for the horses and that the owner is banned from owning animals.


Dear Mr. Stiles,

Eight horses were reportedly found barely alive and living among four dead ones because the owner wasn’t feeding them. Officers say the horses were starved and one had burns.

It is so cruel to watch helpless animals slowly starve to death when they could be given away. We ask that you please help bring these innocent animals justice by ensuring that their abuser is harshly punished and never allowed to own animals again.


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Photo credit: Lindsey Turner

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    some people seem to be ignorant of the fact that horses can eat grass
    there is no reason for a horse to starve to death when grass is pretty much available and fairly common

    • What if there is no grass, or the grass isn’t good enough? What about the horse found partially burned?

  2. Anne Stph says:

    Bet this horrible owner isn’t starved – horses are magnificent animals and this human monster did not deserve to have such magnificence in his care. He should be jailed for a very long time. Was anyone observing the deterioration of these poor, helpless animals?? If so and if not, shame on you for allowing this evil man to do this to animals in his clutches.

  3. Todd Fletcher says:

    What’s the name of shit head owner!!??

  4. E. Cambridge says:

    No excuse for this. This pos should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and the law should be made such that it is a lot more severe than it currently is. Fines, jail time and banned from ever having animals again. BTW, if a person littered, their name would be splashed all over the media. It’s time that perpetrators of crimes like this were stopped from being able to hide under anonymity.

  5. Wendy Morrison says:

    Give this stupid idiot the exact same treatment–ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD, WATER, and Torture him to a slow and painful death!!!!

  6. Malcolm Booth says:

    Please ensure that this individual is prosecuted and we would encourage the judge to put this man behind bars for long period. Please also keep the media fully informed so that the message is relayed to the community.

  7. Anyone keeping any animal(s) has a duty of care toward it/them. Anyone who knows, in advance, that there will come a time when that care is likely to be compromised through lack of funds, ill-health of the owner or any other reason, means that the duty then falls on the owner to say so and to say so to the appropriate people, eg, the veterinarian(s) who have been previously involved, the family doctor and most especially, to any of the organisations available at the end of a telephone, to listen to the alarm bells and give advice. There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever, in this day and age, for total, absolute and wilful neglect of this horrific dimension. Please ensure that this person faces the maximum penalty under State or Federal Law. Thank you for your time. R.A.

  8. Beth Knafla says:

    NO EXCUSES! NO MORE ownership of animals, felony abuse, fine, incarcerate. Stop him or he will repeat the crime, they ALWAYS DO!

  9. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Starve this son of a bitch❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

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