Rescue Donkey Forced to Smoke Cigarettes

Donkey_By_Lilly M

Target: Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Arrest owner for shoving cigarettes into animal's mouth and place donkey in suitable sanctuary.

A man is forcing his donkey to smoke cigarettes made out of firewood. We need to take action in order to ensure that this animal is saved.

A video appeared on the Internet showing an unidentified man shoving a large homemade cigarette into the animal’s mouth. The man has reportedly admitted that he gives the donkey cigarettes to help calm the animal down whenever it is in a "bad mood." However, the donkey is likely only smoking to please its owner. Furthermore, since animals are unable to understand the consequences of performing such an action, teaching an animal to smoke should be viewed as nothing less than animal abuse.

In reference, experts surmise that the lung tissue of donkeys is even more fragile than the lung tissue of humans. This animal will therefore likely catch either a horrible lung infection or disease and die a horrific death if it is continuously exposed to such blatant animal cruelty.

Demand anyone thought to be giving this donkey cigarettes be brought up on criminal charges and that this innocent animal be placed in a proper sanctuary if such allegations are found to be true. No animal deserves to be treated in such a disgusting manner.


Dear Premier Keqiang,

A man has been seen on video shoving homemade cigarettes into his donkey’s mouth. This case needs to be thoroughly investigated and the animal needs to be immediately rescued if this is found to be the case.

According to reports, the man has said that he gives the animal a cigarette whenever it is in a "bad mood." The animal obviously does not have the reasoning capacity to know how smoking can adversely affect its health, and it is clearly only smoking because it has been trained and encouraged to do so.

Donkeys are extremely sensitive to smoke and are thought to have even more fragile lungs than humans. Because this is the case, this donkey will likely die from either a painful lung infection or a debilitating disease if it is not rescued and rehomed.

For these reasons, I urge you to insist that these allegations be investigated and to demand that anyone caught giving this animal cigarettes be brought up on criminal charges. Please further ensure that this donkey is placed in a reputable sanctuary where it will not be exposed to such appalling animal cruelty. Anyone who treats an animal in this sick way does not deserve to own one.


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Photo Credit: Lilly M.

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  1. Linda Barnett says:

    Premier Li Keqiang,use your privileged position to take action against this despicable individual without delay. Remove this innocent donkey from this appalling situation and place him in a safe sanctuary to be loved and cared for immediately. As for this wicked individual, severe punishment is called for and a lifetime ban from keeping ANY creature is the required justice for his heinous crime of abuse.

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Another certified A**hole! Bet the donkey has a greater IQ than this idiot sub-human! Does China treat ANY animals with kindness and respect???

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    Can we SAY-DUMB ASS!! What a vile thing to do to an innocent animal. This guy needs to be beaten with a large stick! Get this donkey away from him.

    • if they did take it away from him they’d probably torture it and eat it they torture kill and eat anything that breaths that’s all the asian countries do they are the worse race of so called people

  4. E. Cambridge says:

    China tortures then boils alive and eats cats and dogs, puppies and kittens. Ninety-nine percent are either strays or stolen from back yards. Their so-called dog and cat fur “trade” is equally as horrific and the animals obtained from the same places. The fur is sold under the guise of “mink” or “unknown” on cheap toxic products exported to unsuspecting western buyers. China needs trade and tourism in order to exist. Their zoos are just as horrific. China has already been blacklisted by the European Union for their toxic exports so Xi Jinping was busy the last 6 months going to various countries to drum up business. It doesn’t matter what your country imports, don’t buy it and don’t travel to China or any other Asian country like Vietnam, Korea, Thailand and others that are doing the same thing. China will soon stop their savage ways rather than lose money over it.

    • I agree with you 100% these sickening Asian countries should boycotted by all other countries for what they do to poor animals they aren’t even human they should have a bomb dropped on all of them

  5. Sick, evil bastard

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Another P. O. S. who needs to rot in hell❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

  7. Waltraud Usahanun says:

    Stop & pursue this deformity – instantly!

    Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be caged for their whole lives! Or not?



  8. Alison Scott says:

    This apology for a human being should be caught and tied up in a room full of cigarette smoke and forgotten about .I hope its severe!y punished!

  9. well what else is new about this horrible country they torture kill and eat anything that breaths so this cruelty is just one more thing these sickos do I hope they all die painfully and burn in hell

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