Punish Man Starving Lions in Breeding Farm


Target: Senzeni Zakwana, South African Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

Goal: Seek legal punishment for man starving lions in a cruel breeding farm for animals to be hunted for trophies.

Ingogo Safaris in South Africa is a trophy hunting range and breeding farm for animals such as lions, elephants, buffalo, and rhinoceroses. It is self-described on its website as a “supremely comfortable lodge” where they “cater for the corporate businessman… mindful of the need to bag as many of his listed trophies as he can.” Animals are kept confined and underfed for nearly their entire lives. They are released for one day, straight to a bullet from a foreign businessman’s gun.

This “resort” was visited by a neighbor on a nearby property, who took pictures of the more than 250 captive lions and sent them to the CEO of the Captured in Africa Foundation. The foundation then shared the photos and brought attention to the issue. Photos were also taken over two years ago by volunteers working to help the animals, which were still so visibly undernourished that their hipbones protruded from their thin bodies.

The man running this horrific operation, Walter Slippers, was recently investigated and let off with a warning. He is under some investigation, but not enough for the degree of cruelty and abuse shown on this inhumane killing resort. Please sign the petition below to demand justice for the animals starved and killed for trophies in this cruel operation.


Dear Minister Zakwana,

The canned hunting operation run by Ingogo Safaris has been exposed for neglectful acts toward animals kept there, and the owner of the business must be prosecuted for his actions. The breeding animals are kept confined for their entire lives, forced to breed again and again without freedom. Their children are taken, groomed to look “ideal,” and are killed by wealthy hunters for trophies.

This practice is cruel and inhumane, but unfortunately still legal in South Africa. Hopefully someday that will change as well, but even under this system the practices of Ingogo Safari still violate animal rights and show excessive cruelty subject to legal punishment. Over 250 lions are kept there, most of them found to be undernourished and wasting away. Photos show that their underfed condition was maintained for no less than two years.

The man guilty of running this cruel business is Walter Slippers, one of many businessmen exploiting hundreds of animals for this barbaric tourism industry. Justice for the animals already abused and killed can never be truly accomplished, but I am urging you to prevent further abuse of this sort by punishing this man for his inhumane treatment of these animals and revoking his privilege to run such an operation again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Drew Abrahamson

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  1. This breaks my heart again. How could a so called human starve and mistreat animals. This man needs to be punish not just a slap on the hand. Animals feel also and have souls. I trust animals more then I do pos like this so called human.

  2. Peter Bond says:

    Put this douche bag in jail and close down such a barbaric breeding facility. What have we all lost our minds? This is the kind of abuse and torture that breeds more abuse torture sadness and blight on our world. There is NO reason to let suffering exploitation go on.

  3. Sheryl Schroeder says:

    This is disgutsing! South Africa’s SHAME! End the canned hunting and captive breeding industry now! Walter Slippers is a terrible man who cares nothing for the animals he owns. Punish him to the fullest! The whole world is watching now.

  4. Karen Eicholtz says:

    This business is rife with abuse and cruelty. Its very nature is for disgusting cowards to kill animals from a distance so the coward is safe from harm. As such, there should be NO lion farms, tiger farms, etc., anywhere. All other life forms have a right to live as they were meant to NOT subject to and exploited by the dregs of society. These creeps are truly the scum; the animals they kill for sport are truly their superiors in every way imaginable.

  5. Sylvia thomas says:

    I only pray horrible death on pos garbage humans mistreats animals

  6. Elizabeth knox says:

    When I say it’s heartbreaking I am really crying because these poor animals suffer so much. I wish I was Bill Gates to build sanctuaries for animals. It’s so sad to see such majestic animals hungry and abused

  7. Beth Knafla says:

    This man is a jerk, he basically thinks no one can stop “the Empire he created”. Guess he has CONTROL OVER MINISTER ZAKWANA!


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