Punish Man Who Reportedly Beat Dog and Poisoned Puppies


Target: Esther Suarez, Chief Prosecutor of Hudson County, New Jersey

Goal: Ensure maximum penalty for a man who reportedly punched a dog and fed her puppies bleach water.

A dog was savagely beaten and locked in a bathroom, allegedly by her owner. Her two puppies were reportedly fed bleach water. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

A drug investigation led Jersey City police to Farrakhan Williams’ home, where they found a seriously injured dog and her two puppies. Feather, the mother dog, sustained a broken right femur and numerous cuts and bruises. She was reportedly locked in a bathroom for several days as punishment. Her puppies, named Jacob and Joshua, were reportedly fed bleach water. All of the dogs are recovering at the Liberty Humane Society.

Williams is facing one count of animal cruelty along with numerous drug-related charges. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear Chief Prosecutor Suarez,

A man beat his dog and locked her away for several days, reports claim. Her puppies also reportedly suffered mistreatment. We demand the maximum penalty in this case.

Feather was described as a gentle dog, despite the savage abuse she reportedly endured. She had to undergo surgery to reset her broken femur and is having difficulty eating and drinking. Her two puppies are uninjured but reports claim that the owner fed them bleach water.

Animal abuse is a serious crime and cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo Credit: Liberty Humane Society

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  1. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    This creature should receive maximum jail time and rehabilitation, coupled with a massive fine.
    He must be placed on the Register of Animal Abuser and never be allowed to associate or own animals again.
    He needs also to be placed on a ‘watch list’ for child or spousal abuse in future.

    • I agree totally. Other then I don’t know if someone like this could be rehabilitated. But definitely deserve sever prison time.

  2. Dogs are known for their loyalty and faithfulness to their masters. They even wag their tails at the master even if the latter doesn’t deserve this loyalty. So now, judging by this situation involving the gentle Feather and her two puppies, can we safely conclude that the dog is the better person? Reason dictates yes. Feather is more respectable than this specimen of a man called Farrakhan Williams! Even his name alone sounds like an obnoxious terrorist! Such a man is a danger to society and must be put away before he harms anyone…better still, put him to sleep…forever…and good riddance! Che!

  3. Kill that rotten bastard

  4. Peter Bond says:

    Put this insane monster in a very dark place in prison and forget about him! Life for these REALLY sick murders, this guy is a real monster I hope Karma gets him hard. But a competent law enforcement office will prosecute such torture and madness appropriately at least I hope so for the people who have live near this monster. No impulse control, no judgement, no heart a real life monster!

  5. This guy is more crimes and headlines waiting to happen. Lots of rage and anger sustained for days. Definitely one that should be reported immediately to the FBI. PLEASE CALL the FBI they should handle this case and this violent sick douche. They can launch a proper investigation, because this f had killed other creatures or humans that is for SURE! Do not underestimate and let anyone else be hurt or killed, PLEASE act to protect us!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Farrakhan Williams – Another piece of sewer slime who should be nailed to a tree and used as target practice. Hopefully, Chief Prosecutor Esther Suarez has the backbone to give this maggot what he so well deserves – Feather and her puppies DESERVE justice – they are the innocents.

  7. sandra mason says:

    I hope everybody will also be kind enough to sign petitions that involved torture and abuse of cats.. thank you.

  8. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Thank God someone reported this monster!! Lock him up. He is sick and dangerous. Praying for momma and her puppies!!

    • ingrid nelson says:

      if this sociopathic narcissistic idiotic a^^^^^e can do this to a gentle, loving, mama-dog & her pups imagine what he won’t stop at doing to the next….person. it only escalates, & i hope there are no girlfriends / kids in the
      picture. It would spell a certain death sentence..& probably more mental / emotional damage than anything. this idiot needs to drink bleach-water, get beat up real bad, and locked in a dark closet for days without so much as a slice of white bread. i agree with everybody’s comments, with the exception of rehabilitation – doubt very much that any form of success would be possible. forget it. leopards don’t change their spots…..a disease is difficult to break.

  9. Erin Babcock says:

    I adopted sweet sweet Feather 2 days ago and she is doing fantastic, now!

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