Sick Beagle Dumped in Ditch Deserves Justice


Target: Robert F. Hagans Jr., Virginia Beach General District Judge

Goal: Harshly punish the man who abandoned his sick senior dog in a ditch only to be let off with a fine.

A man who pleaded guilty to abandoning his sick beagle in a ditch has only been given a small fine for his cruel act. Identified as Corey Alexander Ridley, the man dumped his sick eight-year-old beagle in a ditch in a desolate part of town. The elderly dog, named Patty, was thankfully found by a passer-by confined to a wire crate with a bathrobe draped over it. The dog had a large tumor on her left side, which probably explains why Ridley abandoned her to die in a ditch.

Despite being found guilty of this heartless act which almost cost Patty her life, and no doubt caused her a lot of distress, Ridley was only given a measly $250 fine, despite the maximum fine being $3,000. He also received no jail time, despite animal abandonment and cruelty being punishable by up to a year in prison. Letting a man who committed such a cruel act toward a defenseless dog sends the wrongful message that animal cruelty is not taken seriously by the law.

Sign this petition urging the judge to review his sentence and give Ridley a much harsher sentence, including jail time and the maximum fine.


Dear Justice Hagans Jr.,

Please review the far too lenient sentence given to Corey Alexander Ridley for abandoning his sick and elderly dog in a ditch. The eight-year-old beagle named Patty was found in a desolate part of town, confined to a wire crate dumped in a ditch.

While we applaud Ridley being found guilty of both animal abandonment and animal cruelty, the fact that he was merely given a $250 fine and not time in jail sends the harmful signal that treating a vulnerable animal so cruelly is acceptable. We urge you to increase Ridley’s punishment to the maximum fine of $3,000, jail time and a lifetime ban on keeping animals so that no other pet suffers the distress Patty endured.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Virginia Beach Animal Control

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  1. Isn’t it ironic that a dog is known to be faithful and loyal to its master, even defending its master to the death, and yet, here is this specimen of man called Corey Alexander Ridley, who abandons his poor dog in her old age and when she needs love and care the most! Is it possible, therefore, to conclude under this circumstance, that the dog is the better person? Reason dictates Yes! Corey is a disgrace to humanity, not worthy of being called a man!And the judge who gave him just a little slap on the wrist deserves the same title as Corey…scum!

  2. michelle taylor says:

    This POS dog abuser must be given the death penalty.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Robert Hagans Jr. – No way do you deserve to be called ‘Your Honor’ – YOU and YOU alone had the authority to give Alexander Ridley the punishment he so well deserved for dumping his sick beagle and you gave this piece of sewer slime a slap on the wrist so YOU are as guilty as he is for the cruelty he inflicted on Patty. Hopefully, the citizens of Virginia Beach remember the R. Hagans, Jr. has no backbone and is useless as a judge and get you off the bench. Alexander Ridley SHOULD be nailed to a tree and used as target practice – THAT would be real justice for Patty.

  4. David Lavery says:

    He should have been fined 100 times that amount at least.

  5. Cynthia Mattera says:

    This senior dog deserved better from his owner. He should have been loved and taken care of until his last breath! He deserves jail time and harsher penalty for what he did to Patti!

  6. Cecily Colloby says:

    Don’t even bother with jail-just shoot this scumbag and leave him in a ditch to die, preferably locked in a cage.

  7. Karen Eicholtz says:

    There is no justice here and it is entirely the fault of the judge. It is people who do things like this that should be punished equivalent to the horrific things they do. There is no justice here and the judge has no honor.

  8. Sylvia thomas says:

    The judge is dumb ass for one thing and the pos garbage human is a waste of space in this society , he needs to be sent to a research lab for testing like they do on innocent animals . We won’t miss him not even his own mother!!!

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