Tell PetSmart to Cut Ties with Allegedly Abusive Hermit Crab Supplier

hermit_crab_blue via Jessica Diamond

Target: Michael J. Massey, CEO of PetSmart

Goal: Stop selling hermit crabs from supplier facing allegations of animal cruelty.

In a recent undercover investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), workers from Brelean Corporation were reportedly witnessed cracking open live hermit crabs’ shells in order to force them into brightly painted shells. Many crabs were injured or killed during this process, and those that survived were dumped by the thousands into barren pens where they were deprived of shelter, humidity, and safe drinking water.

These stressful and inadequate living conditions, combined with the trauma of being taken directly from their natural habitat, causes hundreds of crabs to die every day, according to PETA’s undercover investigators. The living crabs didn’t fare much better, as many of them shed limbs from sheer stress before being shipped off in plastic bags to be sold in stores like PetSmart.

If you find this abuse and neglect of delicate animals unacceptable, tell PetSmart to cut their business ties with Brelean Corporation by signing the petition below.


Dear Mr. Massey,

A recent investigation alleges that Brelean Corporation, the supplier of your stores’ hermit crabs, keeps their animals in deplorable conditions. Deprived of their most basic needs, thousands of Brelean’s crabs were reportedly killed or severely injured before ever reaching their retail destination.

These hermit crabs, like all hermit crabs sold as pets, were taken directly from their natural habitats and kept in cramped, unlivable conditions before being shipped off in bags. This is blatant animal cruelty and it should not be tolerated. Please make the ethical decision to stop selling hermit crabs from Brelean Corporation immediately.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jessica Diamond

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  1. PetSMART?, I don’t THINK so! More like PetCRUEL! It’s time for this stupid company to JUST STOP SELLING LIVING BEINGS, PERIOD, no MATTER the species!!!!!!!!!! Boycott their sorry asses and make their bottom line suffer as bad a death as those they cause to other living beings!!!!!!

  2. Amanda Brown says:

    O’My..I Cannot Believe What They Are Doing To Crabs..Why Would You OK This,It’s Horrible And I’ll Spread The Word,By Mouth,I’m Telling My Kids,So They Know Not To Invest In Cruelty..Last Time I Was At PetSmart,I Saw A Sad Looking Kitten,That Looked About 7 months,Ordinary Stripped Tabby,So Sad,Nobody Wants To Buy That Little Soul..Honestly I Never Went Back After That,Because That Image Still Haunts Me..That Poor Kitten..What Happens If They Don’t Get Sold???That’s The Question And More Importantly,What Makes PetSmart Think Keeping A Kitten Behind Glass Is A HUMANE Thing To Do..Uniontown,Pa PetSmart…Lost 3 Permanent Customers,Soon To Be Atleast 5…

  3. Jenny Rae says:

    How many more petitions do I have to sign before PETSMART is closed forever?

  4. Sara Smith says:

    I know, bloody disgusting company.

  5. Malcolm Booth says:

    PetStupid? We need to express our disapproval with our wallets. Plenty of options in pet supply retailers. Maybe then they’ll get smart.

  6. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. 🙁

  7. simon rickman simon rickman says:

    In a shop in Florida I saw some small crabs and starfish for sale in sealed plastic cubes with a little sand, water and seaweed. Barbaric. I complained to the store and the supplier but they could not see the cruelty. I guess the only beings with feelings are humans according to them. Morons.

  8. Maria Mahyorova says:

    What the …? Livibg beings are NOT toys to paint and sell. NEVER I will buy anything from PetSmart.

  9. Let’s get some standards — let’s get some rationality, sanity & compassion — LET these crabs live — LET THEM BE in their natural environments — you’re destroying their communities & their lives — and FOR WHAT!? — do NOT touch them — leave them alone!

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