No More Suffering for Nosey the Elephant

Target: Brook Hall, Entertainment Director of The Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Goal: Have the Great Lakes Medieval Faire cancel Nosey the elephant’s appearance.

Nosey the elephant has been mistreated and taken advantage of for far too long. Despite public outcry, Nosey remains with her exhibitor Hugo Liebel. Liebel has a long list of animal welfare citations on record that go all the way back to 1993, but has been contracted to appear at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire in Ohio.

A veterinarian and elephant expert stated that Nosey’s case is “the worst, most prolonged, documented example of an uncorrected case of suffering and abuse in an elephant I have ever reviewed.” Nosey has reportedly been seen confined to small parking lots with no food, water or shelter. She also often displays signs of stress and will rock back and forth continuously.

Sign this petition to demand the Great Lakes Medieval Faire cancel Nosey’s appearance. Nosey’s suffering needs to be put to an end. She deserves a happy end to her life, not one where she continues living in captivity for human entertainment.


Dear Ms. Hall,

This year at your festival, Nosey the elephant is scheduled to make an appearance. Nosey has been mistreated and taken advantage of for years. It is time this abuse is put to an end.

Her exhibitor, Hugo Liebel, has been forcing Nosey to give rides to people despite her arthritis and numerous stress behaviors. Liebel has a long list of citations that date back all the way to 1993. Nosey has also reportedly been seen trapped in hot parking lots with no shelter, food or water. It is cruel and inhumane what Liebel has been putting Nosey through.

Please consider canceling Nosey’s appearance at your fair. She is in great pain, physically and mentally, and it is time her misery be put to an end. She belongs in a sanctuary where she can relax, play, and enjoy her days with friends.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Deborah Robinson

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  1. Billy "The WiZaRd" Angus says:

    I want Liebel hauled away in a body bag!!

  2. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Poor darling❗️
    Signed & Shared?

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    Please release Nosey to an Elephant Sanctuary where he can live out is precious life without the cruelty of the human species?
    Please help Nosey?

  4. Frances Wright says:

    Please let Nosey live out the remainder of her life in peace….release her to a sanctuary where she can roam free & be happy!

  5. The exploitation of elephants, other animals, humans, and the environment is done for the making of profits and wages. The more defensless are the exploited, the easier (and the more money that can be made – what horrible system the money system (Capitalism) is.

    The time is ripe for us to dispense with the money system (Capitalism) and organise ourselves to satisfy needs, not money. We can all work for free worldwide.
    Please read below:

    Miki Kashtan’s book: “Reweaving our Human Fabric Working Together to Create a Nonviolent Future”

    Imagine: A future world in which we all value people and life and participate in a flow of generosity. A world where sharing our gifts and the mundane tasks of life are both done with wholehearted willingness, free of coercion. A world where attending to everyone’s needs is the organizing principle. Kashtan weaves together vivid social science fiction stories that bring that world to life with compelling nonfiction about how to get there. Her matter-of-fact style in the stories makes what for most people is unimaginable seem what it should be – the norm.”
– Michael Nagler Kashtan invites us to dream the future on a global scale and to bring this future into being by living and working for change as if that world already exists. In particular, her novel approach to dilemmas of leadership challenges us to align our use of power with our deepest longings and values. Kashtan wants a world where the needs of all are met without the use of money or exchange. She says, The dreams of a moneyless society I carried as a child have never left me. I still trust there can enough resources for everyone’s basic needs; that there can be enough willingness to do all that needs doing without coersion; that there can be enough love and creativity and goodwill to work out a global system of resource allocation and coordination that is neither market-based nor centrally planned, and is instead based on voluntary participation”. (p 413) The book is available on line, in paper or Kindle. Russell books in Victoria BC Canada ordered my paper one for me. You can email me at: These books are about communication, which I think is crucial for us to become really effective in our progress as humans and activists. We must interact well with others if we are going to speed the healing of ourselves and the world for the better of all. We need to work cooperatively, not competitively, in my view.

  6. jane hafker says:

    this is becoming bizarre. Please see Nosey’s REAL life at “Nosey, Beloved family pet” on FACEBOOK. If you want a REAL crusade, get involved in CHINA DOG MEAT AND DOG FUR. That will take up all of your time. I do not believe this is a picture of Nosey. One picture of “nosey” was actually that of a horribly shackled, pitiful Asian elephant, probably Raju, who has since been RELEASED TO SANCTUARY. I’ve put a lot of time into investigating Nosey, and it does not compute, period.

  7. the most suffering animal in USA! thank you USDA, I wish u the same what you did to Nosy.

  8. Poor Nosey. I’m sorry but, how many years have we been signing petitions for some location or other to cancel his appearances. When is something going to be done permanently to stop his suffering ? Is this man untouchable? I’m sick of him. What good are citations if nothing can be done? Will Nosey’s only rest come after his death? If nothing else, let’s start a “go fund me” account and raise money to pay that money hungry man and buy Noseys freedom. Then make sure he can never do this to another Elephant again.

    I’m tired of signing all these petitions, of seeing him suffer year after year. Elephants are intelligent, can you imagine how it is for him?

  9. C.A. Rose says:

    Why have the authorities allowed this jerk to abuse Nosey for so long and shame on the morons who make it worth his financial while to continue this criminal cruelty in the name of greed..

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