Find Criminal Who Left Razor-Filled Meatballs for Dog

Target: Philipe Pichet, Director of the Montreal Police Department

Goal: Quickly apprehend person who threw razor-laden meat into dog owner’s yard.

A dog had to undergo emergency surgery after ingesting razor-filled meatballs that were left on the ground deliberately. The meatballs were laden with X-Acto style blades before reportedly being thrown over a dog owner’s fence. According to owner Pierre Szalowski, this looks to be a disturbing targeted attack on his pets.

The dog, named Molly, reportedly ate the meatball while out for a walk in her own backyard. Soon afterward, her owners noticed cuts on her mouth and throat. Molly was immediately transported to a veterinary clinic where she underwent emergency surgery, likely saving her life. Because of this quick action, Molly is expected to fully recover with little more than a surgical scar on her belly.

The incident has shocked the entire neighborhood, with some nearby dog owners now apprehensive about walking their dogs. According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) representative Rachel Bellis, whoever is responsible for this act is “a threat to the community and may very well strike again.”

Unfortunately, the person responsible for this barbaric crime remains at large. Currently, the police are asking for any witnesses to come forward, while PETA is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to the culprit’s arrest. In order to secure the safety of all the neighborhood pets, it is imperative that the person responsible is found immediately. Sign the petition below to ask police to dedicate extra resources to this case in order to quickly apprehend the offender.


Dear Mr. Pichet,

A dog was seriously injured after ingesting razor-laden meatballs apparently left out deliberately. According to the owner, the meat appeared to have been thrown over the fence specifically for his dogs. Fortunately, diligent owners noticed the injuries right away and were able to transport the dog, named Molly, for emergency surgery. Molly is expected to recover fully.

This intentional attempt to kill a dog has created a sense of unease among dog owners in the neighborhood, and some suspect that the perpetrator will strike again. In order to ensure the safety of Rosemont pets, the person responsible for this crime must be apprehended immediately. We, the undersigned, ask you to dedicate extra resources to this case in order to quickly find the culprit.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Pierre Szalowski

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  1. Debby Ledbetter says:

    While there’s nothing I would approve of more than to find this individual)) and all others like them, How DO we find this person responsible? Sick and disgusting are the nicest things I can say to describe them….
    I am so relieved this sweet pup lived through this horrifying experience, please continue to get better sweet pup!

  2. Rochelle Caits says:

    Gas chamber.

  3. So for whoever did this… May there esophagus detach from their stomach the next time they eat…
    Painful death…..

  4. A shock to the entire nation would be more appropriate. This is going to happen again and again if the perpetrator is not caught. Make sure all dogs are wearing collars and tags which may help pick up DNA traces and make sure they are microchipped.Keep your pet with you at all times until this filth element is behind bars.

  5. Tony DeLia says:

    Sadly, people these days need to monitor their property 24/7/365 with video due to sick individuals like this.


  7. Unfortunately you can probably look to a nearby neighbor for this one.

  8. Edward Pul Campbell says:

    This is a phenomenon which often appears when the emissaries of the Religion of Peace start to proliferate in any area. Including dog poisoning and leaving nails in bait. It has been reported all over Europe and in all parts of Britain in areas where these people move to live. Do a Google search and you will be shocked at the truth. They hate dogs for religious reasons. Problems occur with seeing eye dogs being refused entry to busses and taxis. Many have been fined but it continues. Police dogs have to wear bootees when entering a mosque looking for explosives or firearms. Canada’s government has adopted a Liberal suicide pact with Europe on this issue.

  9. Christi-Ane Vanhoutte says:

    Cruel men are possessed by the devil !!!

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